Are two sides better than one? Many argue that a flippable mattress, or a double sided mattress, is superior to a single sided bed. Can’t decide between a firm or a softer mattress? Based on extensive lab testing and our exclusive member survey, here are the best mattresses of 2020 from Consumer Reports' tests, including innerspring, foam, and adjustable air mattresses. Best Flippable Mattress. Best Flippable Latex Mattress: ZenHaven The ZenHaven is another Saatva product, which means it comes with many of the same bells and whistles, plus a flippable mattress design. Try out the mattress and, if it’s not quite right, just flip it over and see how the alternate side feels. One side is firmer and specifically made for infants, while the other side is softer and intended for toddlers. This sandwich-like design calls for the primary support of the mattress to be in the center, wherein there is a coil innerspring with each side cushioned by several layers of cotton or wool padding. March 12, 2020 Best Flippable Mattress: The Pros & Cons. A flippable mattress is like having the mattress’s front surface be a mirror image to the back surface of the mattress so both can be equally used. However, others might feel that a two sided mattress isn’t superior to a traditional one sided mattress. There’s a firm side and a soft side, allowing you to experiment with each and determine which version best suits your sleeping position. There are several “flippable” mattress products on the market today, meaning they come with one firm side and one soft side. May 7, 2020. Why not have both! Latex foam tends to sleep cooler than its poly foam counterparts, so it’s also a better choice for a flippable bed for hot sleepers. The best part is that the mattress is designed to be flippable to make it last longer. Why Zenhaven is a best flippable mattress 2020 pick — Zenhaven is pricey for an online mattress, but it’s a solid bed and we love that it has a firm and soft side.


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