The Sherried notes are rounded off with toffee, chocolate orange, fresh ginger while your nose will pick up hints of dried fruit and crushed hazelnut. When not bound to her keyboard, she moonlights as a Niffler for novels and can be found en route to bankruptcy at your nearest bookstore. For Bunnahabhain, 18-years-old means the whiskey contained within the darkened bottle is the perfect age for bottling and consumption. Features Editor. ... Glencadam 21 Single Malt Scotch. Craigellachie 17 (alongside 3 other single malt expressions) showed up in 2014 (and we are still thankful today!) From the Highlands of Scotland, GlenDronach’s 21-year-old distilled malt is a light, golden whiskey with touches of smoke and lemon juice that are heightened by apple peel, date and walnuts, espresso, and cedar wood. Once it hits your palate, you’ll be privy to a delicate hint of fruit, raisins, and honey, finished off with a bitter and sweet cocoa. From now to 31 Dece, If you're looking for an exceptional spot with foo, If you haven't already heard, Culture Cartel, aka, Prepping your presents for Christmas this year? Sugar coated dried orange peel, gentle barley and spiced pears. Sign up for our newsletters to have the latest stories delivered straight to your inbox every week. Pepper and tobacco end up on the finish with some tart raspberry. Released at 46% ABV (other details surprisingly hard to come by, but the whisky does a pretty good job of speaking for itself). Whisky has been produced on the current distillery as far back as the 16th century apparently, but only legally and officially since 1897 when the Tomatin Spey Distillery Co Ltd sprang into existence. The bourbon cask matured expression (Batch 1) we are trying today has been bottled at 46%, 700ml and has no colouring added and has not been chill filtered. The prices listed on this site are correct to the best of our knowledge. For whatever reason, a lot of Australian distilleries struggle to put out two back to back bottlings that maintain consistency, quality and price. Caol Ila (cull-eela) - oh Caol Ila. Some more subtle fruit influence, prunes and salted peaches. Bowmore’s ruby-red 15 Year Old owes its richness to being finished in Oloroso sherry casks, both in colour and taste. The nose is one of chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, plums, lavender, and a touch of rye bread while its flavor boasts chocolate oranges, tropical fruit, and Christmas spices. Here are a few of our favourites that quite easily make the cut! We already have a guide that charts wallet-friendly whiskies below S$100, but if you’re in the mood to bump up your budget and get your father a bottle worth putting on the top shelf this Father’s Day, then let us take you through our picks of the best whiskies below S$200. This lighter hued Scotch whiskey hails from the Speyside region and is aged for 21 glorious years. 10 delicious whiskies around the $200 mark and that we feel are equally at home in the whisky glasses of beginners and old dogs alike and represent a particularly good value right now. Palate: Hints of white chocolate mix with red berries, nutmeg and some of the banana from the nose - kind of like an awesome muffin. The very light, golden color of Macallan’s 18-year Scotch whiskey certainly isn’t indicative of its flavor profile. Convenience, wider selections, and higher chances of scoring great deals. Custard tart with nutmeg on the finish with a nice vanilla spice and oak tinge rounding out everything nicely. The moment you pop the top, you’re met with a hint of tobacco, solidifying this as the quintessential “man’s drink.” Butterscotch is accented by creamy malt and white pepper while a pleasant aroma of oak and vanilla waft from the long-necked bottle. At the end of each sip is a finish of oak and dried grass. If you’re for a citrus-infused peated … Lagavulin is borderline religion for lovers of Islay whiskies, and while the 12 Year Old is one of its most popular expressions, the 16 Year Old is a cut above. The Balvenie are one of the few holdouts from an older time where most of the aspects of whisky making are still carried out onsite, with an onsite malting floor, coppersmith and cooperage giving complete creative and quality control to the production team. Woodspice finishes off this thicker, Islay whiskey. To find a Dalmore at a wallet-friendly price point is already fantastic, but what more an expression like the Luceo, a former travel retail exclusive that is a blend of whiskies finished in first-fill Apostle sherry casks. The golden amber hue; the sweet, smoky notes; that lingering spice – it’s the perfect combination for a warming sip or as a compliment to a mix of beverages. © 2020 Improb | All Rights Reserved | An Elite Cafe Media Publisher, Wand by PureWine – Clean Wine, Clean Mind, $100 6-Pack? Smoke and buttery cocoa finish off this classic Scottish beverage, which has become a favorite of whiskey connoisseurs. New Belgium ‘Carbon-Neutral Certified Beer’ Turns Heads, A Worthy Vessel for Fine Liquor—Age and Ore Travel Decanter. The Balvenie 15 Single Barrel Sherry Cask expression was first released in 2014 and newer batches have been released as older ones quickly and inevitably sell out. Pop the top and enjoy a white peach aroma kissed with a hint of smoke. Beatrice Bowers writes about beauty, drinks, and other nice things. The Whisky List supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol. First released in 2009. Bottle at cask strength and rich with brine and peat, this single malt is an exercise in brightness as notes of citrus and pepper give light to every salty mouthful. Can't wait to see for myself! With only a tiny proportion of the hype of most of the Islay distilleries this silent giant produces a spirit which seems to shine no matter how long its been aged, what strength its been bottled at or whether its even peated or not! Balvenie 15 Single Barrel Sherry Cask - Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The Tomatin 18 Oloroso Sherry Cask is bottled at 46% and is a first fill Oloroso Sherry cask finish whisky (presumably a mix of ex bourbon barrel and oloroso cask maturation prior). Glencadam certainly fit this trend, with an under the radar single malt presence which pales in comparison to the Ballantine's blended whisky it historically featured in. The Caol Ila 18 is present at 43% and was made from a mix of refill casks (favouring ex-Bourbon we would wager). Whisky Guide > Buying Guide > Top 10 $200 Whiskies. No, Function meets aesthetic with the new collab betwe, What better way to show how important your favouri, Make your countdown to Christmas even more excitin. Definitely for serious peat heads. Juicy sultanas, butter cake, dark dark chocolate, strong cappuccino, dark dried cherries. Nose: Pineapple, guava, vanilla ice cream, clover honey, honey dew melon and the lightest whiff of fresh pine smoke. Copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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