We thought ahead and offer many of our mouthwatering Almonds in 5 or 10 pound bags, including the divine Butter Toffee Almonds, the tasty Raw Organic Almonds and the always enticing Dark Chocolate Almonds. Join Our Newsletter And Enjoy 10% OFF Your First Order. Fresh, crunchy, and wonderfully healthy these exceptional Almonds can take any recipe from ordinary to extraordinary. They're available in a wide variety of beautiful pastel colors and make stellar hostess gifts. The symbolism of Jordan Almonds … At SincerelyNuts.com, we provide a wide array of the most exquisite almonds from all over the world. Their prized place in food history dates back to biblical times, and highlights their enduring social, religious and ethnic significance. I am a 3x repeat customer for these on Amazon and I am never disappointed. Some of our most popular products are almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamias, pistachios, pecans, peanuts, brazils and pine nuts. Jordan Almonds, also known as Wedding Almonds, are savory whole-almonds coated in a sugary confection. Trust us; your customers will thank you. Consider our delicious candy-coated Jordan Almond. Supremely satisfying, any one of these delicious Almond bulk selections will impress your guests and help make your next party a success. We offer fresh almonds in a large variety and buying from us is absolutely safe. You can experiment on a wide array of dishes to experience the magic that almonds bring to almost any dish. Buy … 5 & 10lb Bulk Bags Available - Ellie's Best 4.7 out of 5 stars … Notable additions to any menu, the Roasted Tamari Almonds or the Salted Marcona Almonds bring delectable flavor and remarkable ease to entertaining. All of our fresh and delicious products are offered in bulk sizes (1 to 5 pound bags) and in wholesale … Almonds are one of history's most important nuts. be ready to receive our weekly promotions. SincerelyNuts.com is the best online destination for bulk purchase of premium quality nuts at amazingly affordable rates. These are the very best almonds available for the price. At SincerelyNuts.com, we offer you a fun shopping experienced that is unmatched. SIGN UP and get Free Shipping with an order of only $30+ NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. Choose from a wide variety of Jordan almonds coming pink, white, and blue. Almonds must be an integral part of the diet of growing children as it is believed to improve cognitive function. You'll want to keep these scrumptious Almonds on hand for entertaining, unexpected guests or an attack of the late-night munchies, and we offer several sizes of bulk almonds to ensure a plentiful supply. Almonds are a special addition that enhances the overall taste of any dish it is added to. At Nuts in Bulk you will find a large selection of Nuts and Dried Fruits. Almonds are also rich in vitamins and minerals, making it a welcome change in your snacking habits. Of course, they are unbelievably tasty as well. Make the most of our amazing wholesale prices and treat yourself to a delectable and healthy experience that is sure to enhance your life for the better. Keep some almonds stocked at home and you will be pleased with the benefits that you start to experience. We're confident you'll find a Jordan Almonds bulk selection that will bring a smile to even the most demanding wedding party. We thought ahead and offer many of our mouthwatering Almonds in 5 or 10 pound bags, including the divine Butter Toffee Almonds, the tasty Raw Organic Almonds and the always enticing Dark Chocolate Almonds… You can also indulge yourself in the sinful pleasure of our Blanched Slivered Almonds, and Cinnamon Almonds (Roasted). You can take advantage of our amazingly low wholesale prices by ordering anything from 1-pound to 25-pound cases as per your preference. Involved in planning several wedding receptions, or baby showers? No worries.


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