The more you know about the symptoms and progression of kidney failure, the more prepared you'll be for when and if … I had to make this decision in mid July. I got all stuff on deck for Franks :) . Unfortunately our vet couldn’t make a home visit for at least five days. He said because of poor blood pressure. She was very sick and it was Friday afternoon. Most cats vomit or regurgitate periodically with or without a hairball. I did get to hold him after he passed but it wasn’t the same. I desperately hope it wasn’t as bad for her as I fear. Maybe a trip to the office to see our kind, gentle vet would have been better. I usually treat cats with pancreatitis for 7-10 days orally, and plan on revisiting their health in 14 days. Hope he feels better soon . I am struggling with my decision from just over a week ago…just as I would have struggled had I waited too long and caused my beloved Zesty any more pain.Too soon, too late, impossible decision. MUCH luckier. Before all this he was only eating dry food. Many of them have recently begun to vomit and or regurgitate more frequently. One of the biggest concerns in a cat with pancreatitis is hydration, which should be monitored within twenty-four hours of therapy until your cat has fully recovered. I’m a vet tech! Unfortunately for cats, pancreatitis is usually not a one-time occurrence. Pain in the abdomen over the pancreas is variable, and many cats just don’t like being poked and prodded in their belly. A low fTLI is a meaningful find. A veterinarian might carry out one or more of the following procedures to be able to make a conclusive diagnosis of the disease: There are five basic goals in treating pancreatitis in cats. The vet gave me all the options, and helped me to understand what Miko was going through. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Powered by Sysgen Media. X-ray findings are subjective and may not be apparent. Instead, it tends to be a chronic, intermittent problem. Corticosteroid injections help reduce pancreatic inflammation and also treat concurrent IBD, for which there is no direct diagnostic test, other than exploratory surgery and biopsy. She didn’t seem to have a paradoxical reaction, she was relaxed (awake but wiped out, comfortably stretched on her blanket) but every 20-30 mins she would insist on getting up. They are very special people indeed. One will come to the house, and gently get down next to the our beloved kitty and gently put him/her to sleep. How awful and insensitive! So we took him back. YOU did not “cause” the pain. I know coming out of the box into the vet he looked so scared and I never got him to purr or settle down before the final moments. I had my baby settled on the floor in a quiet back room when he came stomping in, and before even saying hello (to either of us), he loudly demands that he can’t do it on the floor. Dr. Colleran owns the Chico Hospital for Cats in Chico, CA and the Cat Hospital of Portland in Portland, OR. For some reason, I had a bad feeling about this—not knowing who was coming into my home. Jeanne B., I feel for you. MUCH luckier. It’s hard enough for her to be gone—this dread I feel about it all is just too much. Watch for signs of lack of appetite and treat with anti-nausea medication for several days. Perhaps a reflux of gut bacteria into the pancreatic duct triggers a local inflammation. I never knew I had a choice. In general, the euthanasia is rapid, usually within seconds, and very peaceful. I’m hoping she was like me on ativan when unable to fall asleep (eg, on a plane): sedate/feeling good with the occasional burst of resistance. She said how hard it is when she comes in & there are two or three euthanasias scheduled on a Saturday morning, but she understands. Her eyes were wide and unfocused. Understanding kidney disease in cats and when to euthanize is tricky, especially when your cat may have both good days and bad days. Mostly trying to get him back on his normal food took the longest. You were there with Zesty and you suffered just as badly. As my cat laid on the table, he injected the final syringe into the tube and instantly my cat was gone. We hug our clients if they need it. She couldn’t stand—I’d hold her body and she’d move her legs across the floor to lead where she wanted to go, then she’d plop down again and zone out. © 2000-2020 There is still much that we don't know about pancreatitis in cats, but thankfully, the veterinary community's knowledge base has grown over the years, so there are things we can do to help prevent and treat this disease.


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