Pap Avulsos Zool 58:3., Sullivan BL, Wood CL, Iliff MJ, Bonney RE, Fink D, Kelling S (2009) eBird: a citizen-based bird observation network in the biological sciences. 2020). Common and conspicuous in summer, it is often seen perched jauntily on a treetop or fence wire, or sallying out with shallow fluttering wingbeats to catch an insect in mid-air. Monthly heatmap of the presences (GBIF 2019) with kernel density estimation of the Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus) through the American continent. They swallow small insects without bothering to land. They overwinter in South America, primarily western Amazonia, where they forage in flocks in the forest canopy at the edges of rivers and lakes.Back to top, Eastern Kingbirds catch insects in midair during spring migration and on the breeding range, including bees, wasps, ants, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, bugs, and flies. It has an exterior of small twigs, coarse roots, dry weed stems, strips of bark, and sometimes bits of trash such as cigarette butts, plastic, and twine. Ornithol. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. We modeled monthly density heatmaps and evaluated the annual migratory movements of the bird in the southern hemisphere using the records available in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility repository. Biol Conserv 142:2282–2292. Arnaldoa 27:e113–e133. Accessed 28 Dec 2019, Gilroy JJ, Lees AC (2003) Vagrancy theories: are autumn vagrants really reverse migrants? 2017. The Eastern Kingbird usually breeds in fields with scattered shrubs and trees, in orchards, and along forest edges. It could be explained by an increase in the use of citizen science repositories, or it could be a species’ reaction to climate change (Schulz et al. Eastern Kingbirds also attack large nest predators like crows and Blue Jays; such aggression has been shown to increase their breeding success.Back to top, Eastern Kingbird is numerous and widespread but populations decreased by 47% between 1966 and 2015, according to the North American Breeding Bird Survey. 1a, blue arrows) usually reaching the Amazonia of Peru, Bolivia, and some areas of southwestern Brazil (Murphy and Pyle 2020; Fink et al. Pale and smooth with a striking ring of irregular reddish spots. Rev Bras Ornitol 22:260–264. Partners in Flight estimates a global breeding population of 27 million, with 84% breeding in the U.S. and 16% in Canada. The most widespread of our kingbird species, it breeds throughout North America, with the exception of northern Canada and the southwestern United States. Eastern Kingbirds prefer large insects, which they take back to the perch, beat into submission, and swallow whole. It is drawn to water, often nesting densely in trees that overhang rivers or lakes. Ornithology Research Ibis 161:337–345. Google Scholar, Carrillo C, Barbosa A, Valera F, Barrientos, Moreno E (2006) Northward expansion of a desert bird: effects of climate change? Sci Adv 3:e1601360., Şekercioĝlu ÇH, Primack RB, Wormworth J (2012) The effects of climate change on tropical birds. The timing and rate of migration in spring coincide with the availability of fruit in Central America. Declines may be due to habitat loss as more cities have sprung up and small farms have returned to forest., Clements J, Schulenberg T, Iliff M, et al (2019) The eBird/Clements checklist of birds of the world: v2019. Accessed on 03 January 2020, Cardoso AC, Tsiamis K, Gervasini E, Schade S, Taucer F, Adriaens T, Copas K, Flevaris S, Galiay P, Jennings E, Josefsson M, López B, Magan J, Marchante E, Montani E, Roy H, von Schomberg R, See L, Quintas M (2017) Citizen science and open data: a model for invasive alien species in Europe. Thus, the trans-Andean status of this species remains unconfirmed despite being likely because of its three confirmed records (with photographs) in highlands: one above 3000 m in Ecuador (Murphy and Pyle 2020), and two in the highland wetlands in the region of Cusco, in the south of Peru, at 3100 m (Huasao wetland, 13° 34′ 24.8″ S 71° 48′ 32.4″ W; Huarcapay lagoon, 13° 37′ 04.9″ S 71° 43′ 49.5″ W; Sullivan et al. On their spring migration most birds follow the east coast of Mexico northward, then fan out across the eastern United States. It is the most widespread black-and-white species of the genus Tyrannus, and it differs from others because of a series of specific morphological features. Eastern Kingbirds catch insects in midair during spring migration and on the breeding range, including bees, wasps, ants, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, bugs, and flies. 2016; Vallejos et al., Article  Google Scholar, Vallejos LM, Saldaña IS, Pollack-Velásquez LE, Tiravanti-Chocos J (2013) Registros del Aguilucho de Ala Ancha (Buteo platypterus) en zonas urbanas de Trujillo, La Libertad. Murphy, Michael T. and Peter Pyle. 1b), just in the northern limit of the Valdivian Temperate Forest ecoregion (Olson et al. Hollow dots show the species’ southernmost localities each year, black dots are the records in arid ecosystems of western South America. Males and sometimes females are very aggressive in territorial disputes, often resorting to aerial fights in which they lock feet together, pull out each other’s feathers, and sometimes fall to the ground. IBRAG, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, División de Investigación, Instituto de Ciencias Antonio Brack, Lima, Peru, You can also search for this author in The species has been considered as a vagrant in this area (Schulenberg et al. Get Instant ID help for 650+ North American birds. The species spends the breeding season (April–August) in the territories between southern Canada and the southern USA, and the non-breeding season (September–May) in the eastern lowlands of South America, the Amazon rainforest (BirdLife International 2020; Murphy and Pyle 2020; Schulenberg et al. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. We would like to thank Adalifh Baldeón Calle of the Peruvian research NGO Centro de Investigación en Biología Tropical y Consevación – CINBIOTYC for the photographs and survey support.


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