One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Vermont that has a simple directive: one dollar = one tree. Now, have you thought what will you name your business? Read on to find the essential factors of choosing the name of the company below. They have organized rallies with volunteers in over 188 countries. An estimated 16x previous manufacturers now participate in green programs. These organizations may be nonprofits, governmental, trusts, or non-governmental. Businesses looking to make a positive impact can partner with Eden Projects, committing to fund the planting of one tree per sale or service provided. The nonprofit primarily works with global leaders and lawmakers to create policies for the conservation of marine biodiversity, and the areas it covers include science-based fishery management, sustainable fishing practices, and the proper disposal of hazardous materials. These organizations are involved in environmental management, lobbying, advocacy, and/or conservation efforts: They have more than 1.4 million members with an activist network where anyone can get involved. Get involved: Plug into a local group near you and support the initiatives they are working on. Names related to nature: As you are starting an environmental company, the name you choose for your company must have a link with the natural creation. WeForest is an NGO that was founded as a simple solution to global warming. Get involved: Make a one-time or recurring donation here. One of the organization… Earthjustice is the United States’ largest environmental law organization, “because the earth needs a good lawyer.” Founded in the 1960s, Earthjustice attorneys have since supported various major environmental wins including the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act. Businesses can also purchase carbon offsets through Cool Effect. Started by a global team of experts and activists, the organization seeks out the front lines of ocean conservation where they are able to gather information to turn into stories and visual assets that they then use to inspire action. Government Credits for Residential Solar Power, How Cities Can Address the Critical Need for Sustainable Development, Top 20 Environmentally Friendly Organizations. It firmly believes in empowering farmers and their communities to become leaders in regenerative agriculture. Sierra Club is a U.S.-based grassroots environmental organization dedicated to enjoying, exploring, and protecting the earth for everyone. The group lobbies politicians, certifies sustainable products, and provides resources and education for both farmers and consumers in the food and fashion industries. The Sierra Club helped pass the … The National Audubon Society is an American nonprofit conservation organization working to protect birds and the wild places they need to thrive. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, its earliest project focused on helping communities transition to using clean-burning cookstoves. Get involved:Travel to experience its sustainable farming programs in person, attend a local event, volunteer, or make a donation. They serve as watchdogs to set environmental facts straight so that people can make healthier choices with regards to a better environment. They facilitate the conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist, while still satisfying the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations. The organization partners with businesses, governments, and on-the-ground organizations to implement policies and practices that will benefit wildlife, nature, and the global climate. To do so, the organization partners with storytellers, educators, restaurants, farmers, and businesses to spread the word about capturing carbon with healthy soil and implement on-the-ground solutions. Hockey The Audubon Society is a conservation organization that focuses on preserving natural ecosystems, birds and other wildlife. The organization was originally founded in New York as the New York Zoological Society, promoting zoology and advancing wildlife protection. They offer a certification program for brands selling rainforest-friendly products and work alongside activists, businesses, small farmers, and forest communities to drive positive social, environmental, and economic change across forest landscapes. Other ways to get involved with CI include signing up to receive conservation news and calls to action in your inbox, taking the “I Need Nature and Climate Action Pledge,” or reading their tips for greener living. There are two ways to find your organization ID and name. is a grassroots organization whose resolution is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to below 350 parts per million (ppm). Markets include services, management, and the consulting of environmental needs within the industry. If you are not near an existing group, you can also start your own or simply make a donation.


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