These are defined in the common\events folder, where you can find all the event id #'s. (eg the Eighty Years’ War) The player select a country for that period that is interesting to him. Navies can no longer be given movement orders when they are unloading. The estimated arrival should now be a bit more correct. New countries created as vassals or revolters must now always contain their old capital. Increases prestige of player country by 17.5%. Poor Government Policies – A bad reputation increases its likelihood while a statesman could prevent it. Modifiers for missionary chance is now shown as a tooltip. It is no longer possible to attack natives while your army is moving. :(, Use Reformation of the army event 5027 if you want army Tradition gives you 20 and a small invenstment or a large investment, i got type the case sensitive code 'infamy (+ or - number)' (without the quotes) to activate the effect. Adjusted the dates for Ottoman/Persian control for Basra, Karbala, Iraq-i-Arab, Mosul, Luristan, Hamadan, Sharizhor, Azerbaijan, Van , Armenia, Qarabagh, Murgan, Imereti, Kartli, Shirva, Dagestan, Albania, Morea, Athens, Sopron, Pecs, Szolnok, Banat, Partium and Transylvania. (This may not be the actual command, though this function exists in the executable.). Changes the government of the target country. Wave of obscurantism – added check to keep it from happening too often., Annex target country. Invests the amount specified into a technology. New advisor for Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Players can decide how the country is governed, how to trade and population structure works, etc. You can use the following codes case sensitive codes: die native: Natives are now attacking Covering more than 25.300 Games, this database represents Natives are now saved properly even if a combat is ongoing. Chattext in metaserver now wraps properly. Switches windowed mode on/off. Be careful about accidentally switching to non-existent countries (or countries which have disappeared) or the game will end immediately. trade_tech – Cash invested in trade technology. The game has a card with 1700 provinces and sit on about 250 playable nations. Diplomats send to a country will now tell the target country about where its capital is. Austrian alliances – Holy League of 1684, Habsburgs and Transylvania, Austria and Great Britain (Treaty of Worms) – Austria and Russia, Austria and Venice. Supply Limit is now shown in attrition tooltip. undiscover (Province ID) – Province type undiscovered. Here u can find the ones you like. Changed the start date and lowered John Mowbray’s stats. Force conversion should now stick until the current monarch dies. Merchants that compete now takes the empty slot directly. Tweaked province to trade center allocation to check size of city holding CoT instead of value of trade goods in the CoT’s own province. Since notebooks normally don't have a dedicated numpad, you need to use the numpad "embedded" in the regular keyboard. Mysore, Calicut, Malabar, Madurai, Tiruchchirapalli, Kongu, Madras, Bangalore & Kondavidu – changed the date when Vijayanagar loses control. was it patched ? Adds +5 spies to the player's stock of spies. Europa Universalis 3 Game Description. Kicked players should now allways be out of the game. Revolt – changed the name of the country flag. Hamgyenong, Pyeongan, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Gyenongsang and Jeolla – added Korean control. More than 1,700 land and sea provinces in a full 3D map. I.e. Executes decisions, optionally directed at a different country (default is the player's) or in a particular province; note that you don't have to own the province. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. AI is now a little bit better at getting bigger standing armies when threatened. Annexed countries now lose all cores on overseas territory and provinces with a different culture group. - Release date january 5, 2020. Manpower is recruited from your provinces, and thus the most effective way to improve your manpower is to gain more provinces - be it through conquest, diplomacy or colonization. all genres and focuses on recent releases. Also, the displayed tech level on the budget window isn't updated. The player choose a scenario It offers the player virtually all political and economic resources rulers had in this time period. country_morale_tech – Cash invested in country morale. This concerns especially the war. Europa Universalis III. In Nomine 3.1: if x is between -0.999 and +0.999, it means the percentage of the maximum manpower of the country. Stabhitting is now actually only when a peace offer is 40% less than peace score. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Union leaders now automatically take control in wars. There's also. Kills the current heir of the target country. Tweaked recruit speed to be slower in non accepted culture provinces, and overseas. The cost for forcing the release of a country is now same basis as a vassals. The deficity modifier will now only show if it estimates that you will go below “zero” before the end of the year. You now get a permanent casus belli on anyone above the badboy limit. Executes events, optionally directed at a different country (default is the player's) or in a particular province; note that you don't have to own the province. Fixed a broken shipname that caused a crash. There is no longer a badboy increase for declaring war on another human player when you have a casus belli in an MP game. Human-played country: There are also some modifiers which only apply to individual provinces: All applicable modifiers are added together before multiplying by the other factors in the equation. i dont see that event here idk what its supose to do, so you write envent 5031? First Ottoman-Venetian War – added Albania and Montenegro as participants. Remember that codes are in lower-case exclusively, and country tags are in upper-case exclusively. Medical Revolution – gives you a production investment instead of a slider change. Creating the Persian Nation or the Mughal Nation set your government type properly. Non-enforcement of ordinances – changed province scope to country scope. manpower = x (x = +-0..1) multiply_citysize Multiply the population of the province by a given amount. i didnt get any workiing for it says wrong homie. Dailyupdate is now faster due to some optimisations.


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