It is mostly found in the panel at the top. Why is LG a refrigerator not cooling? [Solved] Why my refrigerator keeps running and it does not turn off? If that isn’t the problem; it could one of the following parts. The problem could be in one of the parts given below. The compressor looks like a tank and is located behind the refrigerator at the bottom. And the situation requires you to hire a fridge repair expert. Now, this means the removal of any adjacent items near the fridge. The condenser should be cleaned regularly: once a year is good. This isn’t a big problem to solve. Do you have a problem? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Have you tried all the above? It’s a simplified version of how your refrigerator works. heat exchanger that takes heat from the inside and cools the fridge. Low refrigerant is detrimental to the whole cooling unit. This website was created with a purpose to help our visitors to find proper information about appliance and home repairs. Damage in housing causes a loss of cool air. Make use of our UA app to hire the best pro with ease. A fridge not cooling is one of the most frustrating household problems because it can make all of the food you currently have go off and leave you without a way to store any more. In case of a yes, the problem is related to overheating of the compressor. And, if the repair is taking more than half of the price at what you bought it, don’t spend money towards repair, rather buy a new refrigerator. Step 2 - Check the Temperature. They are responsible for the removal of heat. sir i bought a new refrigrator three months back, godraj company, model edge, sir suddanle nocolling, alradey i complant dealear sir but no responces plz give me new refrigrator are repair now, Godrej Edge refrigerator - Consumption of Electricity is very High, Godrej Edge refrigerator - regarding service charge, Godrej Edge refrigerator - Cooling problem. What if Freezer is cooling but Fridge not cooling. If it doesn’t work, you have to change it. It’s like the brain tells the refrigerator what to do. 5 Reasons Causing Dehumidifier Not Working Properly, 5 Reasons Why Central AC Is Running But Not Cooling The House. The Air Damper is housed inside a plastic box, sealed well to prevent loss of cold air. It is working means the refrigerator is receiving electricity. This is where refrigeration begins. The condenser is a heat exchanger that takes heat from the inside and cools the fridge. Solution: Fix the air leaks if possible. It helps in the dissipation of heat and maintaining airflow. You can set the button to the right mode to get the Refrigerator repair in Bangalore, fridge back to normal working condition. Then move the fridge to another area. So, every six months, you can use a vacuum or brush to give a thorough cleaning to the condenser coils. The fan attached to the outside unit is the condenser fan. You must have known the reasons for the fridge not cooling but the light is on — act accordingly and get the appliance back to working condition. Open the unit inside the refrigerator and take the thermostat out. Fridge not cooling is not always a big problem. The light is connected to a separate circuit. Then the defrost option has to be done manually. Feel free to ask any questions about repairs. Why Dishwasher Hums and Not Getting Water? Well, what do you first get when thinking about the light? - DIY Appliance Repairs, Home Repair Tips and Tricks. It is mostly located on the bottom side. Do you have an older fridge model? Or, change the housing. Problem: Compressor relay switches on and off. Any leak in the coil can impact the cooling system. 2. This layer disrupts the function of heat exchange and thus the cooling of the fridge. Why is the fridge not cooling? So, have you gone through the article? Now, we can fix the problems. Remove the wiring, clean it and put it again. Reply. Gucci Bans Influencer Gifting, Here’s What They’re Doing Instead, Your Clients Are Killing Your Best Ideas, and That’s Your Fault, When My Father Told Me I Wasn’t Bright, It Changed My Life, You Won’t Appreciate Going Home for the Holidays Until You Can’t. So, the problem may lie with the defrost timer unit. As the refrigerant is lost, the whole refrigerant has to be replaced. By using this website you agree to our Cookie Policy.Learn more. Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as not plugging the socket; or, food packets blocking airflow. ©2020 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon service LLC associates program. It increases the temperature. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. If you hear periodical clicking coming from the compressor side, it most likely Start Relay failed and trying to start the compressor, but unable to. So, unless you are a UA expert, call a refrigerator repair expert to fix the problem of fridge not cooling but the light is on the problem. If not, call a professional. Let’s see where the parts are located and how we can fix the problems. The space between the walls and fridge needs to be three inches. The hot gas cools down in the condenser coil and becomes liquid. The refrigerant passes through condenser coils during the heat exchange. Now first disconnect the fridge and the electrical outlets. The fridge is not cooling though the light is on. Refrigerator Deforst Timer for Godrej Refrigerator ... “Refrigerator not cooling” is a very common problem and can be taken care by good refrigerator repair professionals. The problem could be in one of the parts given below. First of all, remove back panel in the freezer in order to check thermostat and heater for continuity. You can’t repair a thermostat. The compressor is a pump and motor. One of the important parts of the fridge. You must have known the reasons for the fridge not cooling but the light is on — act accordingly and get the appliance back to working condition. In case, they are filled with dirt, then the heat will not be removed. If it stops, the fridge not cooling becomes an issue. If there is coldness inside the fridge, there definitely has to be a temperature setting knob. On 30.01.2012, I purchased a GODREJ EDGE REFRIGERATOR vide Model No.GDE26C&2 from M/s New Annapurna Electronics & Elc.,Chiragora,Hirapur,Dhanbad (Phone[protected], Jharkhand. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Check whether the problem lies in the wiring or motor itself. The technical specifications come with the unit. Thanx / Regards: Indu Malviya Then see if the compressor starts. Before going for the repair task. The parts can be replaced. And the fridge may stop the cooling part. How To Fix LE Error Code on LG Dishwasher? There are times, the button may have become stuck in the defrost mode. It’s a small white or black switch-like device located in the wiring of the system. 5 Reasons Why Dryer Shutting Off After A Few Minutes. This is the part that makes the sound you hear from behind the fridge. It takes the latent heat from the refrigerant and cools it down. Washing Machine Making Loud Banging Noise On The Spin Cycle? The refrigerant absorbs the heat inside while flowing through the evaporator coils. The cool liquid flows through the expansion valve. Now, plug it once again to see if the compressor starts. They are known as condenser coils. Get Help OnlineOur Technicians Are Always Online and Ready To Help You“How To Fix Your Broken Appliance”, These are the parts that make your refrigerator work- Compressor, Condenser coils, Evaporator coils, Air Damper, Refrigerant or the Thermostat.


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