Wish list: a 6-speed and shaft drive, and a longer kickstand as it leans quite a bit. With a few up-grades it will make a great all-around bike. Even though the nighthawk felt a little heavy to me, when I got it rolling, it balanced itself rather nicely. Just watch the front brake. I only sold my Nighthawk S because I had been laid off from a job and it was selling season. After 2 years and 7000 miles on this bike, here's what I think: Definitely "low tech" by today's standards, but that suits me fine. Last year my financial situation had improved to the point that I decided to go bike shopping. Better suspension? Ebay and salvage yards will become your friends when you get one of these. In the twisties, it changes direction very quickly and in a controlled manner. I bought my 2001 in March of 2001. I have never taken the valve cover off. After looking at hundreds of new and used bikes, I settled on the '03 Nighthawk 750. (0.8-0.9mm), Alternator charging coil 0.4 -0.6 ohms Alternator field coil 2.1 -2.6 ohms Front turn signal/ running light 12 Volt, 32 & 3 CP Rear turn signal/ light 12 Volt, 32 CP Regulator / rectifier regulated voltage/ amperage 13.0 -15.0 V/ below 0.5A/ 2,000 rpm. I can zip around the twisty Pontiac Lake, Williams Lake, Elizabeth Lake, and Cooley Lake Roads at speeds I don't feel comfortable with in my car. It would be nice for Honda to reintroduce the model to the US market. Of course, it is not an off road bike. I am still loving my 750 Nighthawk. Chose it over a V-Star 650 for the power, ease of maintenance (no valve adjustments-big $$)ultra comfortable riding position,handling and Honda quality and dependability. The chain and sprockets were making noise midway through, but was my fault for not lubing them enough. I rode around Lake Huron and up into Canada. Raised on what is now called "standard" motorcycles, the appearance of this bike is very pleasing to me. Have few miles on it. When I first was bitten by the motorcycle bug, I asked a lot of questions about things like brands, displacements and styles of motorcycles. Bought used from a friend with 4,200 miles on it. It also in my opinion could greatly be improved if it had a sixth gear. Both the other bikes were very good at what they did, but between maintenance needs, plastic removal, bike weight and a few other things, it just wasn't worth it. The Nighthawk 750 (more or less) is still sold in Japan as a CB750. It's tough to lock the rear wheel so don't be afraid to press it hard when you need to. But when I got on this bike the feeling instantly came back to me. Things about this bike that really took me by surprise were the little things like self adjusting valves, anti dive front suspension, shaft drive, and dual disk front breaks. After I removed the windshield, the wind noise was still there, but greatly reduced in volume and ferocity. I've found this combo of tires to be great on the bike. I've used it for travel, commuting, short hops, and general shopping. I will try to find another. It was love at the first twist of the throttle. Does anyone know where to find a decent four into one that will fit one of these? I've had some scary moments locking up the rear wheel under heavy braking half a dozen times or so, once for more than 30 feet, but have yet to high side it fortunately. This bike likes to go 70 or better on back roads and will easily top 100 with windshield. This year I'm riding my Nighthawk from Baltimore to Iowa to visit some friends, coming back by way of Chicago to visit my daughter. Thinking of the CBR1100XX. I have been to Wales & Devon on it brakes/handling/comfort all FANTASTIC. Instrument lights 3 bulbs 12 Volt / 1.7 Watt Battery capacity 12V @ 14 Ah Oil warning light 12 Volt @ 3 Watt Normal Batt charging rate 1.4 A / 10h Side stand warning light 12 Volt, 3 Watt Main fuse 30 A High beam indicator light 12 Volt, 3 Watt Other fuses two 10 A, one 15 A Turn signal indicator light 12 Volt, 3.4 Watt Headlight (high/ low beam) 12 Volt, 60/55 Watt Neutral indicator light 12 Volt, 3 Watt Tail / brake light 12 Volt, 3 & 32 CPeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'totalmotorcycle_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',122,'0','0'])); Overall length 86.0 in. I bought a used '95 Nighthawk with only 3,900 miles on it. I bought my 1992 CB750 Nighthawk just recently. It makes a great desktop image. Clutch is in need of its first replacement soon. I am extremely happy with this bike. It just howls. My only complaint is that the tank rusted even though I use fuel treatment, and always keep it topped-off. That bike was also solid, but after a few years was looking for something slightly bigger. (Time to move up!) If you continue to roast the engine after the oil fuming stage then as with any overheating engine the head gasket may start disintegrating.


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