Check out my Kris Kross quilt or Mod Mountains quilt to see examples. Bicycle clips function the same way on a quilt. Thank you so much for responding! Pull the top thread tail so that the bobbin thread tail comes up through the hole in the stitch you made in Step 4. We have used a straightforward square grid. while it was going through the machine and not letting the foot guide it through itself. 1. Free-motion machine quilting takes some time to master. - Suzy Quilts, Your email address will not be published. And by may not I mean definitely am , Not bad at all! My first question would be – how are you basting? I am new and used a cotton batting on sale. After you finish quilting the area you unrolled, remove the project from the machine and unroll the sides to expose an unquilted area. Thanks for the tips! 7. Match the tread to the lightest fabric in your quilt top. Puckering. You can also read this blog on, ​Lay the backing fabric on the floor with the BACK of the fabric facing UP (that means the printed or right side of the fabric is facing the floor. You can use it to create graceful curved designs and floral patterns, as well as the basis for stipple quilting by machine. Tack the three layers together ready for machining. This is where you will begin machine quilting. Slow and steady is the key here! I learn so much from you! If you plan on doing a lot of machine quilting, you may want to look into getting a machine with that feature. Usually they have packaged as well as by the yard too. Mixing Hand Quilting and Machine Quilting. Not only does stitching over them make them difficult to remove, but it’s dangerous! - Suzy Quilts, Appliqué All Day! Do you know what brand you used that didn’t finish very flat? THANK YOU! I know this is an older comment but I’m replying in case anyone new reads it I quilt all of my quilts (even king size) on my sewing machine. It stops me getting part way done and wanting to cry because I quilted creases in. (lock stitch etc). Know what I mean? Do your quilt patterns come with any guides for the machine quilting patterns that you use? This locks the beginning stitch in place so it will never fray. I wrote a blog post about the best marking tools that won't ruin your quilts. It's a heavy duty foot that works with your sewing machine's feed dogs to push thick fabric and bulk through the machine with ease. Because you feed the quilt through the machine manually, free-motion quilting requires you to disengage your machine’s feed dogs: Refer to your machine’s manual to see how yours works. To do free-motion quilting, you need a special presser foot called a darning or free-motion foot. Load the bobbin with all-purpose thread in a color to match or coordinate with your backing fabric. Hey Jenny, I think this blog post on straight line quilting will help you a lot. I am making my first quilt and ready to quilt with my machine. This is a great technique if you want to keep things simple and let the pieced pattern shine. When you start on your triangle in the middle of the quilt, don’t you have tails of thread? As for basting, it was my bane. Does that make sense? An even-feed foot makes machine quilting smoother and pucker-free because it feeds the layers of the quilt through the machine evenly. Today let’s learn how to mark our quilt block so it’s easy to machine quilt. I finally realized that I was sewing too fast and my walking foot and feed dogs couldn’t keep up with me. In my ideal world, cotton batting will be about 1/8″ thick and very dense. They should be roughly the same size. FREE Warrior Quilt Pattern (Video Tutorial! Shoot me an email and I’ll help you out . You don’t want the threads to tangle on the surface. Do you have any tips on guiding all that fabric through the machine? When I first started, what you describe happened to me all the time. Preparing your fabric and cutting; Quilting Piecing Tips; How to Piece Half Square Triangles; We’ve also learned how to piece a Blooming Nine Patch quilt block so you’ve been able to put these new quilting skills to the test. I knew nothing about burying thread tails and now it’s making sense to me.


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