We offer the storage of your personal details in a password-protected customer account, in order for you not to have to enter your name and address during your next purchase. Azaleas should not be pruned during the dormant season of winter, when their lack of ability to heal would inevitably cause them to be contaminated by disease. Satsuki Azalea bonsai prefer acidic soils, so using extra peat moss is advised. Those that are retained should not be cut back, as this would reduce their vitality – that is, their speed of growth – and we want to allow them to continue to grow and thicken. The best time to repot this type of tree is before you see the tree flower. The first stage of work on these satsukis was carried out last April. You can delete your customer account at all times. I would even go so far as to say that it helps shape the trunk, for a tree’s character is born of its imperfections. Left: Even though these wounds are deep, they are not a problem: being covered with substrate, they encourage the sprouting of new roots. Beware also of other funguses such as Verticillium and Rhizoctonia, which cause more or less the same symptoms as Phytophthora. Plants drink and breathe through their roots: when the substrate is waterlogged, the roots suffocate. Trimming the extremities of a branch can slow down the plant’s activity: a few weeks from autumn, this would delay the plant’s response until the next growing season. I still remove them without hesitation: I am not yet at the stage of selecting and constructing branches, and if I keep these, it will be to the detriment of the fundamental structure. By the time its effects are visible, it is already too late. I cut back this plant so severely that it suffered stress and stopped functioning for a period of several weeks. Azalea care can seem puzzling at first, especially if you’re familiar with junipers or other hardy species. Through regular intervention, the plant can be formed without major effort, and any errors can be corrected without having to go back to square one. Now that the satsuki have started to take shape, we need to discern their essential characteristics in order to press ahead. Azalea Bonsai may be grown either indoors or outdoors. It stealthily attacks their collar or roots, cutting off the supply of sap to the parts above ground. It is quite difficult to remove the wire from the branches that have gone under the surface of the soil, since roots have started to appear, and sap has made these parts swell. But with the right approach, keeping these flowering bonsai … Pests are not common on azalea bonsai. We must wait patiently for late March or early April before seeing a reaction, and we will not intervene again until mid-June. The infection spread through the whole plant, and killed it. This kind of plant lets us experiment with the art of Bonsai. Top 5 tips for keeping azalea bonsai healthy. The disease spreads through contaminated material: dead leaves and twigs. Let us consider this active response as an advantage rather than a drawback. while temporarily leaving some others as sacrifice branches to make the trunks grow thicker.At this stage, we can already start to decide which side of the tree might be the front. Azaleas have a very fine and reactive cambium, which will try to cover the training wire. One of the plants does not appear here. Repotting Azalea Bonsai. To do so, please contact the operator of this page. With its immune system undermined, it was contaminated by a fungus – Phytophthora. This allows us to continue our work.It is now easier for us to protect the future Bonsai. The overall form should be open. Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Tree Japanese Satsuki (pronounced sat-ski) azaleas are the ultimate flowering bonsai trees. This last cutting of the year will allow the plant the time to heal and to prepare for winter. We are now getting ahead for the next stage of work, as it is easier to shorten a trunk by cutting it down than to wait for it to grow. It is now three months since our first efforts at shaping, and we can observe the different reactions of the six plants. Isolate plants if you suspect that they are infected. In other species, such as conifers, it would have formed a swelling on both sides of the wire, and would have ended up swallowing it. Important is: Keep evenly moist, use azalea bonsai fertilizer and use an acidic bonsai soil like Kanuma when repotting a bonsai.If you pay attention to this, azaleas can be called as bonsai for beginners.. Satsuki azaleas bonsai (Rhododendron indicum) belong to the group of hardy outdoor bonsai … This fungus is very well known in the cultivation of plants from the Ericaceae family. Some display abundant growth, others less so. This article was contributed by Esprit Bonsai Magazine. It is easy to apply, and is suitable for use in organic agriculture. Creating a Bonsai is always a challenge, especially when starting off with a fresh young plant. It is imperative to burn the latter. Azalea bonsai care. If the same cultivation method has been used for all of them, the differences between them must be linked to the variety. Treat plants regularly and systematically with Aliette (fosetyl-aluminium). Shaping needs to be an on-going process. Their initial forms are fixed, leading us on to the next stages. Its level has dropped due to watering and weeding, and bringing it up again will allow the roots to develop and to continue this natural layering process. The next time you visit our online store all you need to view your personal details is your email address and password. During this intermediate phase, little has been done to the plants other than watering, weeding and adding fertilizer (Osmocote – a slow-release type). The most common plant to utilize Kanuma for bonsai is azaleas. This will help us with cutting and pruning, as we will remove the branches that protrude forwards and start to determine which ones will become major branches. Don’t forget to spread a fine layer of moss across the surface: it will help maintain a constant, healthy level of moisture.


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