The individuals working with the machines could be in danger of being injured. If a problem occurs, the Type 4 will notice it immediately and send a signal to the machine, sending it into lockdown mode. Safety light curtains type 4 are needed when the level of risk is much higher, and are subject to much higher safety standards. Light grids are suited to a variety of access and long-range perimeter guarding applications. Deciding which type of light curtain you need isn’t simply a matter of deciding which you prefer. Before this standard was adopted, there wasn’t a standard for such protective equipment. This point is self-explanatory. Available in a 30 mm resolution and up to 1800 mm (5.9 ft) lengths. And you have to know what risk level your machine poses. This applies to not only light curtains, but also to things like laser scanners and optical actuators. Simple tests can be performed at the time of installation to ensure that this error is not occurring. Let’s say the machine you’re looking to protect is a conveyor. View light curtain for walk-in protection. Type 4 light curtains are characterized by repetitive, automated cross-checking for faults and errors. Sometimes when extra safety is required, a Type 2 light curtain will be used as a secondary level of protection, in addition to other safety measures. This does not mean that Type 2 light curtains are never used on their own as the primary means of production, but that they are also occasionally used as the secondary safety measure. You have to know what level of protection you’re looking for (PAC or POC). Would you like to learn more or change your cookie preferences? Safety light curtains protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by creating a sensing screen that guards machine access points and perimeters. Safety light curtains type 2, on the other hand, are designed for situations where the level of risk is considerably lower. Get improved environmental resistance performance in a rugged, compact size. After all, the main goal of a light curtain is to keep those working with the machine safe and to keep the machine in good working order as well. The machine won’t resume until the affected part has been inspected and possibly replaced, and the system has been reset. These varieties are based on the scale of protection they provide. IEC-61496 parts 1 & 2 are essentially safety standards for electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE). Uses 2, 3, or 4 beams to protect personnel and machinery. Ideal for lower risk applications where the result is a minor injury. Depending on the variant, different machine functions are integrated or can be selected via safe control solutions. Type 4 light curtains are suitable for situations where the potential injuries would be far greater. Consider whether you’re going to require POC or PAC protection. What’s the Difference Between a Type and a Category? This means that they create a curtain of photoelectric light beams between an emitter and a receiver that then sense whenever an object intrudes into this light field. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to guarding machinery. It has fewer capabilities and fewer safety protocols, making it an affordable option for low-risk situations where a Type 4 light curtain is unnecessary. What is the worst injury that could occur from interacting with it? Safety light curtains have many different names in the industry such as safety light grid, safety light barriers, light guard or light curtains. Both POC and PAC light curtains work in the same way. It simply is restated here that even the optional functions are not exempt from this high standard. A light curtain’s optional functions must be in compliance with IEC-61496. Intuitive, easy-to-use, feature rich model available in 23 mm resolution in a full-featured design with no blind zone. Three types of standard/robust types to choose from: Finger protection (SF4B-F_), hand protection (SF4B-H_), arm/foot (SF4B-A_) There are two varieties of safety light curtains. By accepting cookies, we give you the best experience throughout our site, including access to My Account, My Library, and My Wish List. Not only will we repair any damage to your light scanner, but we’ll also run a complete test before we return your equipment to you to ensure that everything is in correct working order. Even though it may sound like Type 2 light curtains are the lesser option, sometimes they’re all that’s necessary. To save permanently, please create an account. Request A Quote. The potential for injury here is much greater. Type 2 safety light curtains are a cost-effective light curtain safety solution for guarding lower-risk applications, where the result of an accident is only a slight injury. SF4B Series V2 - Safety Light Curtains - Type 4 New Version 2! One way to do this is to break down your assessment into three areas of examination that can be posed as three separate questions. This has the potential to affect a light curtain’s ability to sense an object passing through the light field.


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