facebook; tweet; google+; 1031. By Ang Sarap Editors On April 2, 2017 In Filipino Delicacy Recipes . Making the kalamay is actually very easy! Share Recipe! SHARES. Create the simple syrup first by mixing the sugar and water and bringing it into a boil. For the syrup: * a cup of sugar * a cup of water * 3/4 cup of jackfruit, cut into cubes or strips. How To Make Kalamay with Latik on Top – Nueva Ecija Style. Maja Blanca-one of the most popular recipes on Kawaling Pinoy and for good reason! Soaked in the sweetened syrup, these are best served in a bowl for a simple, sweet, and chewy snack. Tweet Recipe! For the Syrup: 1). What makes this normally simple recipe super delicious is the addition of the homemade latik and the sweetened jackfruit. For the latik topping: * 1 can of coconut milk. Easy Kalamay Sa Latik Recipe.


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