All other cards and... 3. The computer case. It is... 2. Computer case. The main parts of a computer are the memory, storage and central processing units, all of which are contained in the system unit. The computer case is the metal and plastic box that contains the main components of the computer, including the motherboard, central ... Monitor. A computer is a complex machine that is capable of performing huge computations at an extraordinary speed. Keyboard. The motherboard is a decently sized circuit board that lets other components communicate. Parts of a computer with their functions 1. Here is an overview of the main parts of a computer. 3) The Graphics Processing Unit … 2) The processing unit (CPU) that processes the data from the input devices. Computer Basics: Basic Parts of a Computer. This is the part that holds all of the internal components to make up the computer itself. What are the main parts of a computer and their functions? Hard Drive (HDD) / SSD. Motherboard. A computer's motherboard also contains slots for expansions, so you can add additional accessory p… The mouse is another important tool for communicating with computers. A motherboard has ports that face outside a PC's case, so you can charge your computer, plug in a monitor, or connect a mouse. A processor, computer memory, and input-output devices are the important components of a computer. Each of these parts is responsible for a specific set of functions. Mouse. The processor reads and interprets instructions, while the memory acts as the temporary storage for those instructions. The hard drive is a storage media with a function to store data, including … 1) The input devices such as a keyboard, mouse, scanner, flash drives (USB) and touch screens. This box is where all the main components of the computer are housed in – Motherboard, processor, memory, hard disks,… The motherboard is the main board that is screwed directly inside the computer case. The motherboard is an important computer component because it's what everything else connects to!


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