The unit has an excellent build quality and hence it feels solid in hand. Makita Random Orbit Sander 110v BO6030/1 BO6030 is a Random Orbit Sander 150mm (6") with two handles. Makita 6" Random Orbital Sander has an ergonomic built-in rear handle and detachable front handle for greater control. Looks like, you don’t have to purchase sanding papers for a long time. 0%. • Orbit Diameter 1/8" Product Description. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Power and adjustable speed: A powerful sander can easily tackle rough surfaces and you can cover large areas without taking any breaks. Dust Nozzle (151518-5) You can make it even more productive by connecting it with a shop vac. If you want to browse more options, then check the buying guide and choose accordingly. It does not come with any kind of storage case, which is odd because Makita’s 5” sander has a decent blow-molded plastic case. When comparing it to competitors, there are numerous reasons that make it stand out, with most being some of Makita’s testaments to quality, performance, and all that users could ask for. The only situation wherein an orbital sanding unit might leave swirl marks is either you are not focusing on the sanding process or you are not using it appropriately. The front handle is detatchable and the motor housing top is shaped to fit the hand perfectly. This version is also expensive than the orbital sanders. We verified this by sanding melamine-coated particleboard because the maroon cloth bag turned white by the time we were finished. Dust collection: Here’s where this sander stumbles—its dust collection is unacceptable. You can check the power of a corded model by checking its motor amp and wattage consumption. Other notable cons is the noiseless operation, next to no vibration, and handle ergonomics are just some of the many things users rave about. Another convenient factor is the power cable worth 4 metres. Apart from handheld versions, there are bigger orbital floor sanders that re generally available with the professionals. Or are you looking for a beast that can handle commercial jobs? We also recommend you to choose something that gives you an option to change its sanding speed. 74%. For further info click here. And much of what did make it into the bag went right through the porous material. PRS01A has a compact and lightweight design, hence you can easily use it in any direction or position. It gets almost all of the dust. It comes included with a dust bag that works well to collect all the debris. Einhell TE-RS 18 promises an unparalleled sanding performance because of its eccentric concept that maintains maximum precision. Tacklife PRS01A is one of the essential tools preferred by DIY enthusiasts. It’s only required when you are interested in a corded model. More Views. In case of a cordless sander, try to look for a high power Lithium-ion that can offer you an extended runtime. Accessories and power cable: Extra attachments in the face of polishing or sanding pads are always beneficial. You can set the sanding speed and use it for various applications. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Makita BO6030 6 inch/152mm Random Orbital Sander (240V), Makita BO6030 6 inch/152mm Random Orbital Sander with 53 Accessories (110V), Makita BO5030 5 inch/125mm Random Orbital Palm Sander (240V), Makita BO5041 5 inch/125mm Random Orbital Sander (240V), Makita BO5031 5 inch/125mm Random Orbital Sander (240V), Metabo SXE450 6 inch/150mm Orbital Disc Sander (110V), Makita BO6050J 6 inch/150mm Random Orbital Sander (110V), Variable speed control dial (4,000-10,000 OPM) enables user to match the sanding speed to the application, Efficient through-the-pad dust collection system with dust bag for a cleaner work environment, Ergonomic rubberized rear handle reduces vibration for operator comfort, 1/8" orbit diameter provides a swirl-free finish, Utilises 6" hook-and-loop abrasive discs for fast and easy installation, 30% less vibration than the nearest competitor, Large trigger switch with conveniently located lock-on button for comfortable long term use, Detachable front handle allows for sanding in corners and confined areas. I have it connected to my Ridgid shop vac using a car vacuum accessory kit hose and a Fein rubber adapter I got on Amazon. And its dust port measures 13/16” in diameter, so no vacuum hose we could find fits it. 150mm 80 Grit Abrasive Discs - Pack of 10, 150mm 120 Grit Abrasive Discs - Pack of 10, 150mm 240 Grit Abrasive Discs - Pack of 10, • Lightweight at only 5.2 lbs. Following these pointers... read more. Add. Makita BO6030 240 V Random Orbit Sander, 8. However, corded models are affordable but give you an extra component to deal with. This random orbital sander has everything you could ask for including speed, precision, safety, durability, and so much more. Vibration/Comfort: This is a really smooth running sander with little vibration. Now, it’s a high OPM, but you can also limit it using an adjustable speed switch. Sander-Review is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert the applicable site name For cordless version, it’s stated as volts. We could actually see dust flying off the disc while sanding. Random orbitals with a variable speed setting is literally the cream of the crop, and if you’re looking for the perfect sander for all types of projects than there is one type that stands out. The product does not include a battery or charger, but you can purchase all of them as a bundle on Amazon. Choose a device that is built with a soft and rubberized grip. VonHaus sander comes with one of the most powerful motors. It comes with 12 sanding pads; six of them for 80 and six with 180 grits. If you need a sanding machine that’s usable anywhere without a permanent requirement of any power outlet, then try the TE-RS by Einhell. Not at all acceptable because you’d be breathing that dust without a respirator on. Moreover, its ergonomic design gives you a slip-free grip and convenient usage. The plate revolves and rotates to make an orbit. Smooth operator—but poor dust collection. The Makita B06030 2.7 Amp 6 Inch Random Orbit Sander is one of the only sanders to receive a perfect 10/10 consumer review score. Check Amazon For Promotions Find best deals and buying advice from consumers on Makita BO6030 from Reevoo. Second, it’s a cordless unit. This makes it easily accessible for sanding corners and other hard to reach areas unlike most other random orbitals. On the other hand, compact and lightweight units are suitable for DIY missions. Ergonomics: The sanding process is time taking and tiring, especially if you don’t have the right tool. Powerful 3A motor and high sanding speed of 13, 000 OPM makes it a one of the best budgetrandom orbital sanders. 5.2, Been frustrated by poor-quality cuts using your portable power tools? Moreover, the dust collection system is very efficient and contributes to a clean and debris free workplace. The unit has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably and securely in your hand. Finance provided by PayPal Credit. The 10/10 consumer review rating speaks for itself as the Makita B06030 Random Orbit Sander is easy to say it’s a must have.


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