Most sources suggest 110 to 120 sqm as the practical minimum size for a double including the Royal Institute of Charterd Surveyors and various council housing guidelines. m. Room used for sleeping by children of 10 years and younger: No smaller than 4.64 sq. This would allow enough space around the bed and also room for a sitting and/or dressing area. The minimum room size has also been confirmed. An optimum size for a master bedroom would be around 4 x 4m up to around 4.5 x 4.5m (20.25m²). A single bedroom needs to be between 70 sft and 90sft depending on its shape according to most sources to be used by an adult. m. Minimum space requirements. If you plan on having a dressing room separate from the bedroom then I would allow a space of around 1.8 x 1.8m as a minimum beyond the bedroom itself. I will evict my tenant and she will have to move out of the area because she won’t be able to afford the rent on a bigger room. Here is the text from the Government’s guidance: “Rooms used for sleeping by 1 person over 10 will have to be no smaller than 6.51 square metres, and those slept in by 2 people over 10 will have to … m. Room used for sleeping by 2 adults: No smaller than 10.22 sq. m for two persons). I have a room for a single adult that narrowly misses the minimum room size. The new proposals will make it clear that bedrooms must not fall below a minimum room size (6.52 square metres for one person and 10.23 sq. This includes new rules setting minimum size requirements for bedrooms in houses of multiple occupation: Room used for sleeping by 1 adult: No smaller than 6.51 sq. Also in the house is a kitchen / diner, a communal lounge, a utility room and a storage room but that doesn’t make a difference.


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