This course for Strategic Communication students integrates digital and content marketing planning and operational methodologies designed to deepen students' knowledge of content creation, distribution strategies and audience engagement. This time you'll be reporting on our newsrooms in order to help create deeper connections with the audience. The course will explore how news coverage affects individuals and communities, and the psychological challenges and ethical hazards for the journalists who cover these events, with a focus on best newsroom practices for managing fast-breaking news stories and mitigating the effects on communities and staffs. Priority will be given to Sports Journalism students. Graded on A-F basis only.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: Junior standing, instructor's consent and JOURN 4450. Required journalism courses (11) Teams also conduct a market analysis, and develop a business model and go-to-market strategy for launching their startup and enlisting key partners to support their venture. Students will have a deep understanding of issues of privacy and ethics in obtaining and utilizing data from a broad range of sources. Graded on A-F basis only.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: Journalism Graduate students only, JOURN 7244: Creating Cultures Through Effective Strategic Communication and Leadership, (cross-leveled with JOURN 4244). Designed for advanced strategic communication students preparing for careers in account services. Methods in Educational Research I Graded on S/U basis only.Credit Hour: 1Prerequisites: Freshman Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism Majors only. Students in the dual degree program may choose to undertake the dissertation in conjunction with the J.D. Not accepted as a substitute for any regularly scheduled course. The School of Journalism and the School of Law reserve the right to limit participation in the program, including dismissal. Restricted to Journalism students only, Concepts, functions and major problems of print and electronic media in the United States. Capstone course brings together the reporting, editing, audience focus, management and marketing skills gained in previous journalism courses. You will be introduced to software programs such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as basic HTML coding.Credit Hours: 2Prerequisites: Consent of instructor requiredRecommended: JOURN 2100 or JOURN 2150, JOURN 4370: Film Studies: The Intersections of Documentary Film and Journalism, (same as FILMS_VS 4370; cross-leveled with FILMS_VS 7370, JOURN 7370). It builds on a foundation of digital editing, photojournalism, photo editing, videography, and multimedia production. The course focuses on the role culture and communication play in organizational success, management, and leadership. This course will explore the intersection of these two nonfiction storytelling forms--documentary film and journalism--and examine the role played by advocacy in both modes, as well as the cultural and ethical implications of the convergence between journalism and documentary film. This course is designed to assist students in meeting the graduation requirements. Restricted to Journalism and Science and Agricultural Journalism majors only, Legal concepts, including prior restraint, libel, privacy, obscenity, contempt and access as they relate to print, broadcast, advertising and other areas.Credit Hours: 3, Special instruction in the school's media as an extension of existing advanced media courses, or, in advertising, an extension of advertising creative courses. Introduces the fundamentals of editing of stories and writing headlines for publication online and in print, including an emphasis on style and grammar. Graded on A-F basis.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: JOURN 4556 or JOURN 7556 and instructor's consent required, (cross-leveled with JOURN 4568). ... so you can earn credit while gaining work experience. This is one of the three courses comprising the Leadership Interest Area in Strategic Communication. This request should be submitted before a student has substantially completed the requirements of either program. This course will prepare Strategic Communication students for vital new positions in the world of sports marketing with an emphasis on video production, graphics, social media analytics, messaging management and strategic planning. Students in the dual degree program may count up to six credits of course work taken under course names and numbers assigned by the School of Journalism toward the 44 hours of elective credit required for the J.D. This course will prepare reporters and future newsroom managers across platforms for the ethical, practical and emotional challenges of reporting accurately and sensitively on traumatic events. Advanced course in strategic design and visuals. Individual conferences and weekly class sessions on contemporary reporting problems.Credit Hours: 3Prerequisites: JOURN 4450 or JOURN 7450, JOURN 7462: Emerging Technologies in Journalism, (cross-leveled with JOURN 4462).


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