on behalf of the Commonwealth Loan provider which includes been brought about through successful motivational charm. The hierarchy of needs looks like this: Physiological: Air, Water, Food, P… In turn, it can be identified, that motivation must be achieved in order for a goal to progress and ultimately be attained, thus, demon… Failure to achieve a goal often results in feelings of frustration. This driving force is produced by a state of uncomfortable tension, which exists as the result of an unfulfilled need. As consumer needs vary between individuals, analysts have found it difficult to create a link between the different needs of any consumer and the result it relays on use behaviour. Step one of this model is that of problem popularity. These consumers can still reap the benefits of purchasing Apple products although spark for his or her motivation may be different than others. Therefore triggers the feelings of the consumer as the service knows their needs and hence can further their desire. Motivation is the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. This theory signifies the … There are three commonly used methods for identifying and ‘measuring’ human motives: observation and inference, subjective reports, and projective techniques. Needs and goals are interdependent and change in response to our physical condition, environment, interaction with other people and experiences. Hence forcing consumers to continually use this service as opposed to others that may be within the competitive market. Such an analysis demonstrates that brands which have been labeled as the cultural norm, have an influential influence on that of the consumer, and the manner in which they consume a product as a means to gratify their needs. … As mentioned, this is due to the dominating image that is created by Apple gadgets. Rather than adapting to all kinds of motivations, Apple consumer electronics has centered on two main types - brand and the function of the merchandise. food, water, clothing, shelter, sex). Needs, Goals and Motives: Motivation can also be described as the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. The form of direction that behaviour takes – the goal that is selected – is a result of thinking process and previous learning. Identifying the principal motivation enables the maker to supply the consumer with appropriate information which may source their satisfaction in a competitive software industry (Give, et al 2007). An objective is a measureable consequence which can contain a number of objectives, which is achieved within a specific time frame, determined by the individual. Pepper, et al (2009) further claims that the effect of social norms creates turmoil between individual passions and social hobbies. However, Pepper, et al (2009) shows that the method where individuals try to meet their needs is closely influenced by societal principles and the classification of interpersonal norms. (Abraham and Sheeran, 2003, pp. Motivation is the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. Whilst there are many consumers who have made a mindful goal to acquire and Apple product, there are numerous who've not consciously made this decision, but are compelled to because of their nonconscious goals. This is evident in the merchandise made by Apple consumer electronics. That's where a consumer, recognises a void exists with regards to an individual need or want whether it be in the required state or actual talk about. Recognising these influences and their results provides marketers with the opportunity of surviving and growing in a point out competitive market as seen through Commonwealth Loan company and Apple gadgets. Individuals react to frustration in two ways: they may cope by finding a way around the obstacle that prohibits goal attainment, or by finding a substitute goal; or they may adopt a defence mechanism that enables them to protect their self-esteem. Defence mechanisms include aggression, regression, rationalisation, withdrawal, projection, autism, identification and repression. Fishbein and Maslow's ideas form a basis for marketers to interpret and understand the direct and interdependent romance between consumer needs, goals and motivations. None of these methods is completely reliable by itself, so researchers often use a combination of two or three techniques to assess the presence or strength of consumer motives. Motives cannot easily be inferred from consumer behaviour. A key facet to indentifying goals is building whether or not these goals are conscious or non mindful (Bargh 2002). Green and Burke (2007) in relation to Maslow's theory, emphasise that self actualization is the highest need that can be satisfied by a person. The five motivational dimensions are (Sheth, 1975): (1) functional motives, (2) aesthetic-emotional motives, (3) social motives, (4) situational motives, and (5) curiosity motives. These aspects include varying beliefs, values, behaviour and needs, all which effect a consumer in some form or another. Once we have our fundamental needs met, we can shift our attention and effort to focus on attaining less essential needs. 3. Acquired needs – those we develop after birth – are primarily psychological; they include esteem, fear, love and acceptance. The encompassing environment in society is heavily influenced by brands and image which affects consumer principles and beliefs. (Elliot, et al 2010 pp. In all cases, consumers want to reach certain goal states and the products are instrumental in reaching the goals. This ideology can be mirrored upon the merchandise of Apple gadgets. Generic Goals include general classes or categories of goals that consumers see as means to fulfill their needs. Inevitably in the present day day society that we reside in a consumer's decision to acquire a product or use something is heavily inspired by marketing. Innate needs – those we a born with – are primarily physiological; they include all the factors required to sustain physical life (e.g.


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