These are extremely high doses compared to the amounts of bergapten or methoxsalen present in any essential oil. Spanish sage oil (0.01 mg/mL) has been reported as estrogenic since it induced β-galactosidase activity in yeast cells (Perry et al 2001). Fatty Acid Composition of Palm Oil, Palm Oil Fractions and Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil Commercial Specification and Quality, Follow Oil Palm Knowledge Base on The commercial preparation of the lipase from Rhizomucor miehei, “Lipozyme IM™”, immobilized by adsorption on an anion exchange macroporous resin (0.2 to 0.6mm diameter), was kindly donated by NOVO Industries, Denmark. S.C. Savva, A. Kafatos, in Encyclopedia of Food and Health, 2016. Or you could simply say, it is from Palm Oil (Not Coconut Oil. A mixture of fatty acids derived from palm oil. Oboh, in Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology (Second Edition), 2014. A large number of “natural bar soap” manufacturers use Palm Kernel Oil, or in this case the salt acid, Sodium Palm Kernelate as a moisturizing surfactant in bar soap. The reason for its failure to increase LDL cholesterol concentrations is uncertain, but may be the result of its rapid conversion into oleic acid in the body. After hydrogenation, the shape of the melting curve is little changed, but it moves to a higher temperature by 4 or 5°C. Equal quantities of fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil and fully hydrogenated palm oil are interesterified. These include the popular vegetable oils: the foremost oilseed oils – soybean, cottonseed, peanuts, and sunflower oils; and others such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, castor oil, rapeseed oil, and others. Circulating 17β-estradiol levels were dose-dependently reduced in female rats by both bergapten and methoxsalen, when given in the diet at ~ 100 mg/kg and ~ 200 mg/kg. Also a raw material for oleochemicals industries, 185 kg re-cond drum, flexibag of approx 20 MT / container. In Ghana, palm wine is normally produced from palm trees after they have ceased to give economic yields of fresh fruits. On average, for every 1% of total energy consumed as cholesterol-increasing saturated fatty acids, compared with oleic acid, the serum LDL cholesterol level is increased approximately 2 mg dl−1 (0.025 mmol l−1). They also include the less commonly known oils, such as rice bran oil, tiger nut oil, patua oil, niger seed oil, piririma oil, and numerous others. Palm oil is the least expensive among the most common edible oils, and the low price justifies the wider use of palm oil in less developed parts of the world (see Figure 2). Palmitic acid, C16 (44–45%) and oleic acid, C18:1 (39–40%) are the major component acids along with linoleic acid, C18:2 (10–11%) and only a trace amount of linolenic acid, C18:3. It has been suggested that hop oil has estrogen-like properties (Franchomme & Pénöel 1990). The oil can be easily separated into two products, palm olein and palm stearin. So while saturated fat may not be as harmful as once thought, evidence clearly shows that unsaturated fat remains the healthiest type of fat. Although some essential oil constituents exhibit estrogen-like activity in various in vitro tests, their actions are extremely weak. Palm oil and palm kernel oil are different in characteristic and properties even though they are derived from the same fruit. Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil Ingredient 3. Change ). Whereas derivatives of this ingredient are typically synthetic, palm kernel acid is natural. It is a light brown solid at room temperature and melts to a brown liquid on heating. A much harder stearin is also available with as much as 79% palmitic acid. Fractions with iodine above 70 and a cloud point of −4◦C are described as top-oleins. Reproduced from Vegetable Oils: Dietary Importance, Encyclopaedia of Food Science, Food Technology and Nutrition, Macrae R, Robinson RK and Sadler MJ (eds), 1993, Academic Press. Exceptions are coconut, palm, and palm kernel oils, which are primarily saturated, and olive and canola oils, which have relatively less PUFAs and more monounsaturated fatty acids. Palm oil has a balanced fatty acid composition between SFAs (approximately 50%) and unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA 39% and PUFA 10% mostly as LA). No. Other crystallisation inducers are diacylglycerols such as dipalmitoylglycerol. The ratio of POP/POO influences the crystallisation of palm oil as shown in Table 3.5. Vegetable Oil in Food Technology, Blackwell Publishing, 2012 * No kidding! (A polymer is a chain of, in this case, anethole molecules.) Eicosanoid synthesis from arachidonate. TAGs can be further divided into four component categories: trisaturated (SSS) TAGs, disaturated-monounsaturated (SSU) TAGs, monosaturated-diunsaturated (SUU) TAGs, and triunsaturated (UUU). Their yields, different compositions, and by extension their physical and chemical properties determine their usefulness in various applications aside from edible uses. Palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil derived from the kernel of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis. The trees are felled before tapping. Epidemiological and animal studies suggest that the weak activity of estrogenic plant constituents may have beneficial effects, e.g., in breast and prostate cancers, cardiovascular disease and post-menopausal ailments (Dixon & Ferreira 2002). Whereas derivatives of this ingredient are typically synthetic, palm kernel acid is natural. It is a Palm Kernel Oil acid. (See VEGETABLE OILS | Oil Production and Processing. Grundy, in Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (Third Edition), 2013. Because these fatty acids (1) cannot be synthesized by animal cells and (2) have essential metabolic functions, they are deemed dietary essential fatty acids. These have higher levels of oleic and linoleic acids, ranging from 43–49% and 10–15% respectively, resulting in iodine values of 60–67 and with lower cloud points of about 2–5°C. Table 2 summarizes current knowledge of the effects of different dietary levels of linoleic acid. Take the hint, click on the link below to see what we put in our soap. Reproduced from Vegetable Oils: Dietary Importance, Encyclopaedia of Food Science, Food Technology and Nutrition, Macrae R, Robinson RK and Sadler MJ (eds), 1993, Academic Press. Berger, in Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition (Second Edition), 2003. Palm Oil : Production, Processing, Characterization and Uses, AOCS Press, 2012 By judging the amount of hydrogenation of the stearin carefully, an almost identical melting behaviour can be obtained, with applications in confectionery and other food uses. The exception is (E)-anethole and we consider that there is sufficient evidence to contraindicate essential oils with high levels of this compound in these groups. Used in the soap and animal feed industries. It is also distinguished from other oils by a very high level of palmitic fatty acid (44%). Widely used in the soap, detergents and animal feed industries. We tell you everything. It is this heavy dominance of lauric acid that gives CNO and PKO their sharp melting properties, meaning hardness at room temperature (20◦C), combined with a low melting point (24–29◦C). The use of high-pressure membrane filtration has helped to improve the quality of palm mid-fractions. Antimicrobial effects of spices and herbs essential oils. Palm olein remains clear at ambient temperature of 25°C. A higher concentration of diacylglycerols is found in more unsaturated oleins. In contrast PO has gradual melting characteristics. No affinity could be measured for any of these compounds. Then you will understand how seriously we take the n- word. Oleic and linoleic acids from PKO goes into the liquid fraction (PKL) during fractionation while the more saturated fatty acids (lauric and myristic acids) go to the solid fraction (PKS). As its name indicates, it is a major component of the oil from the fruit of oil palms (palm oil). Suitable for both consumer and industrial usage Parameter                                 Specification Free Fatty Acid (as Palmitic)          0.1% max Moisture & Impurities                     0.1% max Iodine Value (Wijs)                            56 min Slip Melting Point                          24 deg C max Cloud Point                                     10 deg C max Colour (5.25” Lovibond Cell)      3 Red / 30 Yellow Peroxide Value (Meq/kg)             1.0 max (at point of shipment) Cholesterol                                       Not Detected, Available Sizes Metal tins & Jerricans of various sizes, 192 kg drums and flexibags, Storage Condition: Recommended to store in its original packing in a cool, dry and odour free area, A by-product obtained from refining of crude palm kernel oil. In contrast, oleins with IV of less than 60 have cloud point of 6–10°C. These compounds can be antithrombotic, cause an increase of the prostacyclin/thromboxane ratio, reduce restenosis, and inhibit HMG-CoA reductase (thus reducing cholesterol biosynthesis). 2. Sodium Palm Kernelate as a moisturizing surfactant in bar soap. Palmitic acid can also be found in meats, cheeses, butter, and other dairy products. HETE, hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid; PETE, peroxyeicosatetraenoic acid; PG, prostaglandin; GSH, glutathione; MDA, malondialdehyde; TX, thromboxane; PGI2, prostacyclin.


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