It was unclear, he said, if the concerns are what caused a low turnout. Why should residents vote for you? He will strive to create a social consciousness to help everyone be more aware of the effects incarceration has on the families of those in jail. Les Hommes du Shérif Guidés par le Shérif, ils sont en général en faveur de l'arrestation de Robin des Bois. ", Greenville County Sheriff election: Voter turnout has been relatively low. Across town at Larkin's Sawmill, where a watch party was in full swing, Lewis stood just outside the back door chatting with a small group of reporters and local elected officials. By 8:30 p.m. Lewis had grabbed a firm lead over Guy. Chacun a son caractère et ses raisons pour travaill "A lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of money, but here we are at the end of it and you get to see the fruits of your labor. “We need to engage this community in our daily work. By the Numbers: Curious about Father's Day? Elections Director Conway Belangia said there seemed to be concern about the coronavirus, and encouraged voters to wash their hands before and after voting. County election officials said earlier Tuesday afternoon said voter turnout for the third Sheriff's special election was low. Places: Historic Davenport House in downtown Greer. Guy said. • Implement intelligence-led policing, as well as problem oriented policing strategies that will go after illegal guns and violent criminal groups. As Sheriff, Paul Guy’s main initiative is to instill law and order in Greenville County, while also being supportive of all individuals within the community. Lewis says he would focus on filling open deputy positions and restore the public's trust in the Sheriff's Office. We have put resources In the northern and southern parts of the county to reduce response times. Hobart Lewis (no relation to Will Lewis) won the Republican primary in January, beating out four other challengers. “We only have 17 African American deputies. Lewis cannot be sworn in as sheriff until all precincts are accounted for, he added. We are locally owned and passionate about informing, connecting, and inspiring the people of the Upstate and beyond. Start the day smarter. PAUL GUY’S experience: IN THE COMMUNITY: ˜ Created the Youth Conflict Intervention Initiative that is designed to decrease the levels of violence among youth in school and communities. • Invite all police and investigative agencies to participate in a jointly operated intelligence center for Greenville County. He also said he plans to enlist nonprofits to train train officers in community outreach. How long have you lived in the district/city/county where you currently live? "I'm really impressed with people who I've talked to at the polls and when I've been debating," Guy said. This time, however, Guy addressed the audience anyway. More: What's at stake in the two-man race to be Greenville County's next Sheriff. We have created the ability to file a police report online and added civilian positions to reduce call wait times as well. I currently serve as your Greenville County Sheriff. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. It’s the second time the debate was canceled. Hobart Lewis owns an HVAC repair company in Greer. Guy and Lewis will face off in the general special election on Tuesday, March 10, to replace former Sheriff Will Lewis, who was removed from office and later sentenced to one year in prison for charges of misconduct of a public officer. Related: Hobart Lewis wins runoff for Greenville County Sheriff. • Invite all police agencies into jointly directed task forces targeted at violent crime and human trafficking throughout Greenville County. Hi, Curious, I'm Dad. "Those who are voting are engaged in the process.


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