Cultivars such as 'Provence' can tolerate temperatures down to -15 C when grown in a sheltered spot. Be patient. Can I collect my order? Pomegranate Trees The pomegranate grows like a large shrub to a height of 15'-20' and are most commonly grown as a multi-trunk shrub with 3-6 trunks. Before planting your pomegranate tree in either the garden or a large container rinse the soil from the roots. Drought tolerant but will do better if soil is kept moist. Punica Granatum Nana (Dwarf Pomegranate Tree) - Shrub quantity. P. granatum leaves are opposite or subopposite, glossy, narrow oblong, entire, 3–7 cm (1 1 ⁄ 4 – 2 3 ⁄ 4 in) long and 2 cm (3 ⁄ 4 in) broad. Pomegranate trees are often slow to leaf out each spring. Regarding pomegranate tree pruning, the first trimming should be done when it reaches a height of about 2 feet. Add to basket. Our nursery in Southern England is a wholesale warehouse and is … You can trim off the dead branches during cold winter months, when the trees are inactive. Our large established trees can easily shrug off the frosty overnight conditions experienced at the cooler times of the year, and will thrive particularly well in a sunny well drained spot. Depending upon the cultivar, a pomegranate tree height varies from four meters to eight meters. Pomegranate will grow in most well drained soils but will establish more quickly in soil that is slightly acidic. The fruit, which ripens from August into October, has a thick, leathery skin and the interior is filed will hundreds of juicy sacs called 'arils'. However, if you had temperatures lower than 10 °F, your pomegranate tree may have experienced frost damage. A shrub or small tree growing 5 to 10 m (16 to 33 ft) high, the pomegranate has multiple spiny branches and is extremely long-lived, with some specimens in France surviving for 200 years. Growing Pomegranate in a Polytunnel. Surrounded by evergreens on the edge of Exmoor National Park in north Devon, The Pomegranate Tree is a peaceful self-catering escape chock-full of 16 th century cottage charm. Remove dead wood. Pomegranate Lions-Kathy DeZarn Beynette-300XXL Jigsaw Puzzle £10.00, 300 piece jigsaw puzzle (Out of Stock) Pomegranate Fairies-Michael Hague-300XXL Jigsaw Puzzle The south-facing garden overlooking West Anstey begs for sweet summer snoozing between the daisies, but when the winds are raging and snow falling, roaring woodburners make for irresistibly snug hibernation. ... You can telephone us on 0203 1375 159 or send an email to Why not grow this Special Hardy Pomegranate tree in your garden or on your patio, and look forward to showing off, and picking you own fresh juicy super fruits. Pomegranates are usually associated with much warmer climes, so you may be surprised to learn that these fruiting trees are surprisingly hardy and can do well in a sheltered spot in most parts of the UK. Wait until late spring to see if one or more of the trunks are damaged.


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