Coronavirus Vs the Common Flu – This Is What Doctors Want You to Know, Consuming Fennel Seeds During Pregnancy – Benefits, Side Effects and More, Your 3 Week Old Baby – Development, Milestones & Care, Giving Tuna to Babies – Benefits and Risks, Cod Liver Oil for Kids – Benefits, Side Effects and How to Give, 12 Safe Search Engines for Kids to Filter Out Unwanted Content, 15 Creative and Fun Winter Crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kids, Dressing your Baby Smartly for Winter – Top 8 Tips. 16 weeks pregnant Your midwife or doctor will give you information about the ultrasound scan you'll be offered at 18 to 20 weeks. 36–40: Weekly visits to check all the above and to assess fetal position. Your weight and blood pressure will be monitored too. Global Handwashing Day – Make Some Bubbles to Kill Those Troubles! Scheduled doctor visits will of course vary depending on your OB and your own … In case, you are suffering from any other problem during the pregnancy, your doctor may perform this test again. Apart from this, standard urine and blood work will be conducted. Your doctor may conduct ultrasound scans to monitor your baby’s growth and development. This is the time when your doctor will ask your tons of questions about your family�s medical background, genetic disorders, etc. Doctors understand your curiosity and eagerness to have a baby. Should a Pregnant Woman Fast During Ramadan? This includes the vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries. In such cases, your doctor may offer you a membrane swipe. You may be asked about any physical or emotional symptoms that you are concerned about. What supplements you may be required to take. The routine blood and urine work may follow. If your doctor is too busy with other patients, you may request an additional time when you can get your questions answered. You can ask about nutrition, exercise, sexual relations, and anything you should strictly avoid and follow it ardently. Usually, the check up will be scheduled as follows: Till 28 weeks, you have to visit every fourth week of each month. Further, as you enter 36 weeks of your pregnancy, you will have to visit your doctor every week. However, the decision always lies with you. Stress Test You may be given more information in case your pregnancy may be expected to go beyond 41 weeks. The routine urine tests, blood pressure check-up and the measurement of the uterus may take place. Prenatal Testing Basics. Pregnancy Tests Your weight and blood pressure will be measured too. During your follow-up prenatal care visits, your doctor, nurse, or midwife will examine you to make sure your pregnancy is developing well, and that you and the fetus are healthy. Also, if you may not have had your screening for Hepatitis B, Syphilis or HIV, it may be conducted now. You should stick to your pregnancy check up schedule. Some practitioners do internal exams to check the cervix; some do a vaginal/rectal culture for group B streptococcus. If you are expecting your first baby, you must ask many questions without any hesitations to the doctor. All rights reserved. Pregnancy check up schedule is divided into three trimesters. Among all the appointments you will have with … Any screening tests that may be required for your newborn baby. When you cross the due date, as it happens in some cases, your visit to the doctor will be more frequent. He/she will be happy to answer your queries and doubts. In countries where it is legal, parents may also be told about the sex of their baby. In this visit you may be asked the following details: Here’s some information that your doctor or midwife may share with you: During this visit, your doctor could conduct your first ultrasound scan. You may have to undergo various tests, scans and check-ups, which include the following: We shall now discuss your week-wise prenatal appointment schedule or prenatal care schedule. check your weight and blood pressure. You may also be told about postpartum depression or baby blues. Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) With this examination, doctors can decide the size and position of organs that are important while birthing a child. You may be given more information in case your pregnancy … At this stage, your doctor may like to discuss your options, in case your pregnancy goes beyond 41 weeks of pregnancy. Glucose screen to check for gestational diabetes. Your doctor may also discuss normal and caesarean delivery. You will be called every alternate day until the child is born. This is the time when you may be told about labour pains, how to differentiate between active and false labour, how to cope up with the labour and also how do you plan for your labour. You are close to your delivery, and thus your doctor or midwife may like to share the following information with you: Apart from discussing the above issues, your doctor or midwife will check the position of your baby. This may be your first antenatal visit, and this should ideally happen before 10 weeks of pregnancy. Your doctor may like to discuss your birth plan with you. Also, your urine may be tested for the presence of protein. Therefore, doctors will schedule your appointment every alternate week. Pregnancy sometimes becomes a little difficult during winter months for some expectant mothers. Your uterus may be measured to check the progress of your baby along with testing your urine for protein and checking your blood pressure too. This period is more crucial because in some cases premature delivery takes place during this time. The main reason behind learning your family�s health details is to check about diseases that are easily transferred from your ancestors such as diabetes. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Your doctor could also discuss the test results of any previous visits. In the United States, the typical intervals for prenatal visits for nulliparous women with uncomplicated pregnancies are every 4 weeks until 28 weeks of gestation, every 2 weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, and … This scan is performed to see how your baby is developing inside your womb and to also to check whether or not there may be any kind of physical abnormalities present in the foetus. Congratulations! © © 2010-2020 From here on your doctor will also measure your baby bump every time to see how well your baby may be developing. The number of visits may vary according to any health conditions or complications that you may be facing during your pregnancy. Regular check up with a midwife, GP or obstetrician: 32 to 33 weeks: Regular check up with a midwife, GP or obstetrician: 36 weeks: Regular check up with hospital staff, midwife or obstetrician*. If this is so, then your appointment will be every alternate day till you give birth to a child. The first appointment will take place when you are completing three months of your pregnancy. When you will be going for the ultrasound scans.


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