She is always well-dressed. Diwali is the festival of lights. Don’t forget it, please. You have lost your library card. Arohi Nautial: Could you please E-mail or FAX me your tariff ASAP so that we can discuss and finalise it sooner. With love. The cost is inclusive of sightseeing, boarding and lodging at a 3-star hotel. Eveiyone is familiar with the railway coolie. There is no one to look after her. are lit. With lots of love and affection, Power plants and factories also discharge smoke, containing dust particles, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. His talent is appreciated not only by the people living in India but also by those who live abroad. Arohi Nautial : Arohi, HR Manager from Excellent Publishers Ltd, Delhi. The prayers are read over loudspeakers. A school inspection will be held on 25th February, 20XX. Power cuts occur frequently. It was really a great achievement for him. I, therefore, request you to please issue me a duplicate library card. Аnswers: I’ll do that. Perhaps most of them preferred to stay inside to avoid the heat. So, I hope to secure good marks. Newspapers have become an essential part of our daily life. Today you had the following conversation with Rajesh, a friend of your elder brother: They act as the home for many animals and birds. Yours sincerely Sports teach them the value of discipline, cooperation and tolerance. Meerut Sir He will submit the leave application the next day. Sub: Rising rate of lawlessness in the colony Please don’t forget. Thanks a lot for the lovely present you sent me on my birthday. They help me in a variety of ways. November 3, 20xx Write a notice for the cultural programmes to be held in your school. The doctor has advised her complete bed rest for three days. In the morning he sorts the dak. Yoga is good to fight needless fat. In metro cities most such couples live alone in flats. 340, Sector the name of the organisation issuing the notice, a heading to introduce the subject of the notice, the writer’s signature, name (in block letters), and designation. Head Boy. As Anjum, the student editor of your school magazine, write a report about this event in 100 words. I have not secured well in mathematics and science. Аnswers: 5th September 20XX. Roll No. You are Amrit/Amrita of 205, Peepal Wali Gali, Main Road, Meerut Cantonment. a family of five. I hope you will agree to my urgent need. We enjoyed the function very much. Model School. January 10, 20 Report Writing Samples: University Opens On A Peaceful Note9. Write a notice in 50 words for the school notice board informing the students about the inter¬school basketball match to be played. Аnswers: CHANDIGARH PUBLIC SCHOOL, CHANDIGARH Also please ensure that no book is issued on that card in future. Hence, games and sports should be given due importance. The accident took place in Koti Village, about 22 km from Chamba town where it was headed to. The Cultural Committee of our school is organising a cultural fiesta which will be held in our school premises on 25 Nov., 20XX. Who are you talking please? Also, sweets are exchanged. 70, Shastri Nagar Report Writing Samples: Chaos After Crackdown 6. The police force is inactive or corrupt. As you were not here left a message for you. Can I help you, please ? When it was half time, she had scored 2 points and I had scored none. You are Ramesh. Roll No. 7th May 20XX I am equally fond of growing flowers. Dear Mom Rinse your teeth after every meal, remove food particles for protection from bacteria, brush teeth twice a day. Using given notes write a news report for a        National Daily. New Delhi All the students and teachers are requested to give in their names for booking of stalls. It provides us with milk. Dear Brother Thanking you We share each other’s joys and sorrows. It is a common media of giving news along with views. Thus, Holi is the festival that brings people closer. Amrita In the academe, students are required to practice writing notices. Today morning you received a call from Mr. Joseph, your father’s friend. We returned home as soon as there was a short break in the rain. Trees are our friends and we must increase their number on the earth. This is my blog where I give English grammar lessons and worksheets. You are Amrit/Amrita, the Head boy/Head girl of D.A.V Public School, Patna. 4th May, 2011 The postman is a useful public servant. Your email address will not be published.


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