Sennheiser e935 is a very powerful but inexpensive handheld. Sennheiser E935 Vs E945: Who is the Winner? I just purchased a shure beta 58 and a Sennheiser e935. It has a beautifully balanced sound and clarity of a condenser mic. I didn't try out the e945. Sound Quality & Performance. This means there is a range of 115 degrees from every side of the microphone. We don't have much stage noise so that was a help in that decision or lack-of. The Sennheiser E935 and Sennheiser E945 being the descendants of the same series have almost same features and specifications. Sennheiser E945 has a cardioid pick-up pattern. As a cardioid microphone, it sounds more natural than its supercardioid brother e945 … The beta sounded great on my partners voice and the e935 sounded best on mine. However after purchasing the mics, I brought them home and realized that the senn e935 is a cardioid and that the Senn e945 is a supercardioid. But the E945 certainly is an upgrade to the good old E935 … sennheiser e935 vs. e945? On the other hand, it is quite unpretentious and works wonderfully for both female and deeper male voices. Just like the E935… I wasn't too worried about cardiod vs. super in my case. I set my price at 175 or under. I tried a few and went with the e935… Related article: Zoom H5 vs H6.


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