My onions have a white flowering at the top. After two rows of sugarcane, a flatbed for onion is prepared. The unused nutrients would leach down and settle in the sub-soil. If the onion does not get enough water it will not make a large bulb. Then, plant your seeds or bulbs ¼ to ½ inch deep and 4 to 6 inches apart. Earthing up of poor plants is also essential after 3 to 4 irrigations along with mulching. It depends on the variety of onion, but most take about 5 months from planting to harvesting. During transplantation, care must be taken to avoid over and under-aged seedlings. Also, apply VAM 1 kg per sq. Time of harvesting depends on several factors tike planting season, cultivar, market price and condition of the crop. Keep conditions moist but not too wet and don't crowd plants too much. Generally, irrigation is done at the time of seedling plantation, during transplantation period, 3 days after transplantation and subsequently at regular intervals depending on the moisture content in soil. Buy our detailed project reports to get bank loan or calculate profitability of your project. The following process is followed during transplantation: The transplantation schedules for onion crop at different locations are as below: Onions suffer from a number of diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes and insects. The yield of onion farming depends on numbers of numbers of key factors including the soil type, climate conditions, weather, onion variety along with good farm management skills, practiced during the cultivation process. However, watering should be stopped when the necks falling over begins in the field and bulb becomes mature. In onion, neck fall is the indication of maturity. In general, when about 50% neck fall is seen crop is harvested. Once onion bulbs have swollen, stop watering and feeding and make sure the bulb is exposed to the sun. It is bolting, aka producing seeds. How does the onion have to be set in the ground? This is because flat beds allow water movement from end to end. You may also like Growing Malabar Spinach in Home Garden. Bulbs harvesting should be done manually by hand pulling bulbs from the soil. Growing onion is a not hard working job, but it requires good farm management should be practiced during the cultivation or growing period. I am in Botswana where the temperature semi arid, I would like to know the type of onion to plough in this climate. 1,000 to transport the produce at the nearest market. Onion is famous for its pungency. India is the second largest producer of onion followed by China in the world and the major exporter across the globe. Onion Farming Techniques, Tips, and Ideas. It can be used as vegetables in the immature stage as well as also in the mature stage, after the complete formation of the bulb. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Vermicomposting (approximately 3 tonnes per acre) or poultry manure can be incorporated. These three are red, white and yellow. Make furrows and ridges in the prepared field. Infected leaves develop yellow streaks that spread progressively leading to yellow leaves, Bulbs do not grow to full size although they are firm and solid, Selecting healthy plant material for sowing, Controlling aphids through inter-cropping, Spraying insecticides like 0.1% Profenofos, 0.2% Carbosulfan or 0.1% Fipronil can control Aphids, Leaves show lesions that maybe diamond or spindle-shaped, Sometimes they have distinct green center with yellow borders, Flower stalks are infected in later stage, Transplants must be checked for thrips invasion and diseases, At least three years of crop rotation is advised for preventing this disease. Generally, this cool season vegetable crop is cultivated in the winter and is harvested completely, before the summer starts. Matures in 110-115 day after transplanting, Bulbs are large and round with a white neck, Suitable for hilly areas Bulbs are thick skinned, less pungent, Uniform, yellow colored, globe-shaped bulbs, They are free from splits, bolters and internal doubles. it will be helpful if you provide details about type of companies available in market. Growing onions is very easy and profitable. This is because onions are grown in almost all the Indian states. Since cultivation of onion is influenced by a variety of factors like temperature, photoperiod, weather,  etc. More grease to your elbow. Different onion varieties require different day lengths, and are more appropriate for warmer or cooler climates. Onion bulbs along with the tops should be kept on the field for about 3 to 4 days and curing for about 4 days in essential to eliminate the excess moisture of the bulbs from the outmost skin and neck to minimize the shrinkage & color development in the storage. However, here below is a list of major onion cultivars, which are best for higher production. Broad bed furrows have a height of 15 cm and top width of 120 cm. You can choose to grow onions from transplants/cuttings, but this isn't always successful and is much more difficult to accomplish than just using sets or seeds. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. 1,500. So elaborately detailed, this topic will surely benefit our farmers.


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