Testing different frequency of updates and timing is another aspect of social media optimization based on consumer behaviour. You might need to make multiple reports to suit different audiences. Head to your Facebook business page and click Insights in the top menu. It is no surprise that shorter videos are more likely to engage with the average time vised typically around one quarter to one third even for shorter videos. For further information refer to our, ( starts at $0, no credit card & works with. Networks vary in popularity with different demographics and they're still evolving. Start your social media report with a quick summary of the intended goals, strategy, tactics, and success metrics. Visualize your data in the best possible way that would suit your clients. You can benchmark your own numbers against your competitors’ and derive an optimal social media strategy. However, YouTube is very popular with both markets, with over 74% of 8-15 year olds using this platform. Q2. With the 'Rise of Social media' interactive tool from 'Our World in Data' you can see the growth of the main networks: One of the challenges of social media marketing is that by its nature, social media are peer-to-peer, involving conversations between friends, families and colleagues. Visualize Instagram report at more granular level which makes it easy to optimise your strategy. The best source for the most popular social platforms is direct from company statements and earning announcements. Engagement rates are significantly higher on Instagram compared to Facebook, but there tend to be fewer posts per day. Bonus: Get a free social media report template to easily and effectively present your social media performance to key stakeholders. Or maybe a particularly compelling testimonial came in through social that you’ll be able to use in future marketing campaigns. Hootsuite Analytics allows you to collect data and create reports for multiple Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles from one dashboard. Where is social going in 2019? No Credit Card Required. By default, this screen shows impressions of your stories for the past 14 days. Turbocharge your results with this toolkit containing 12 resources. This constituted a slight decrease YOY - a trend which began in 2018 only to be interrupted by the Pandemic. Trusted by employees at 800+ of the Fortune 1000. If you can, try to analyze your data to determine why you got the results you did. Q7. Next, provide a quick snapshot of the campaign’s performance (or of your monthly or weekly performance, if it’s a regular report). Tell us about the new integrations, features & customisations. Compare these to your patterns of posting and consider how you could post differently. Both organic and paid posts from businesses can help support this process. All major social media are covered, including Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, and the most popular blog platforms.Social media in specific sectors and industries (i.e. This report tries to analyse how effective is marketing via social media. Global WebIndex asked 284,929 internet users aged 16-64: How do you typically find out about new brands and products? Today’s youngsters are aspirers. This chart summarises the importance and growth of social media. You can benchmark your own numbers against your competitors’ and derive an optimal social media strategy. This research report will elaborate on the social media as a concept that interacts with the business sector. “..the perfect reporting software.” – Jason Rothman, Rothman PPC, “..what I love the most is Report Garden’s customer support! You can get more details on how to make the most of the data available through all of these social reporting tools in our blog post dedicated to social media analytics. All-in-One Social Media Reports! You need professional advice to evaluate if they are going to be or have been successful. There is no option to export Instagram analytics data from the app, so you’ll have to manually enter it in your social media report. Keep in mind that Instagram Insights are only available for business accounts. 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