Traditional theory is a theory of the status quo, in that it is designed to increase the productivity and functioning of the world as it presently exists. That yes, it is a Marxism that they considered themselves unorthodox, with variations on the thought of Marx. The critical theorist sees the world in a two-fold manner: the first world is the world that they have created it s culture and organization which mankind has constructed for itself. 5 Howick Place | London | SW1P 1WG. On the other hand, (in) traditional theory, — ‘is stored up knowledge, put in a form that makes it useful for the closest possible description of facts.’, — ‘anyone who has mastered the use of it… can use it at any time.’, — is “an enclosed system of propositions for the science as a whole.”, — all its parts ‘should intermesh thoroughly and without friction.’, — is ‘the same as theory in the natural sciences.’, — becomes ‘a matter of mathematical construction’, — provides  the ‘conceptual systems of classificatory understanding, the categories into which dead and living things, social, psychological, and physical phenomena have all been absorbed together, the division of objects and of judgements on them into the various pigeonholes of the social areas of knowledge’ which makes up the apparatus of thought which ‘has proved and redefined itself in connection with the real work process.’, — demands that ‘the scientist must certainly apply his more or less general propositions, as hypotheses, to ever new facts.’, — requires on one hand ‘the conceptually formulated knowledge,’ and on the other, ‘the facts to be subsumed under it.’, — has generated the paradigm whereby we ‘are thus working with conditional propositions as applied to a given situation. The difference in technique between traditional and critical theory may suggest that the latter is useless, or arbitrary. Traditional and Critical Theory. If circumstances a,b,c and d are given, then event q must be expected; if d is lacking, event r; if g is added, event s, and so on.’, — the conception of theory according to it was ‘absolutized, as though it were grounded in the inner nature of knowledge as such or justified in some other ahistorical way, and thus it became a reined, ideological category.’, — considers ‘the prevision and the usefulness of results to be a scientific task.’, — the ‘scholar and his science are incorporated into the apparatus of society. The technological advances of the bourgeois period are inseparably linked to this function of the pursuit of science. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This kind of calculation is a logical tool of history as it is of science. The evolution does not change the theory’s foundation, of course, any more than recent changes essentially alter the object which the theory reflects, namely contemporary society.’, — is ‘incompatible with the idealist belief that any theory is independent of men and even has a growth of its own.’, — it has ‘a historically changing object,’ which however, ‘remains identical amid all the changes. Start by marking “Traditional and Critical Theory” as Want to Read: Error rating book. An ironworker may not give a fig about the nature of heat, and the philosopher of physics may care equally little about the exact time it takes for the iron to cool down. To transform the critical theory of society into a sociology is, on the whole, an undertaking beset with serious difficulties.’. Critical and traditional theories intersect at points: — the ‘critical theory of society also begins with abstract determinations; in dealing with the present era, it begins with the characterization of an economy based on exchange.’, — in both types of theory ’there is a strict deduction if the claim of validity for general definitions is shown to include a claim that certain factual relations will occur.’. Its criterion for success is cohesion and harmony, free of contradictions or inconsistencies. But you will be none the wiser, having calculated the answer, about the fundamental nature of heat. On the contrary, she is not tied any one class at all, and consequently may even have an antagonistic relationship with the oppressed (221).


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