Thanks for your support!). The Duet surpasses a standard walker by eliminating the need to lift the device and allowing you to walk with an easy, smooth gait. Around 650 million people in the world have disabilities. The wheels are a wide 8" so it's a cinch to maneuver and stabilize on irregular terrain like carpet, grass, and gravel. Health Line Massage Products 2 in 1 Rollator-Transport Chair w/Paded Seatrest, Reversible Backrest … Which type is best for you is determined by your individual medical needs. Don't take it from us. What is the difference between a wheelchair and a transfer chair? Regular devices that assist in walking don't have the capacity to be used as a push-driven medical chair too . Fortunately for you, we've done that for you. The walk'n'chair's rugged, lightweight and collapsible design is ideal for those dealing with Parkinson's disease, musculoskeletal disorders or injuries suffered from an accident. On good days, a standard walker may offer all the support you needed other times, you may require the use of a rollator transport chair. Walker Transport Chair Combo. All rights reserved. All the details can be difficult to sort out. Collapsible with folding seat to fit easily into your car. Conditions affecting the joints, bones, muscles or spine. Each Item Ships Pre-Assembled … As a bonus, there is a storage pouch underneath the seat. Folding Walker Wheelchair Combo. Available in black, blue, or burgundy, it weighs in at 20 pounds. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, 6"wheels , and a padded seat. Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker, Black. Use like a regular wheelchair or a rolling walker. This is particularly helpful when crutches are canes are not enough but you want to retain power of independence. The seat is super comfortable, made of breathable mesh that spreads out 18" across. Please Read - DisclaimersThe information on is for informational and educational purposes only. It folds down into a small unit and the airport people love it. Otherwise, keep reading to check out the runner ups. This rollator transport chair and walker combination is designed to accommodate larger individuals. Two-in-one Walker-Wheelchair Convertible rollators are a unique product class that combines the autonomy of a walking aid with the support of a wheelchair. You personal caregiver or hospital personnel will help you learn how to use your device safely and effectively. Click the link to see why we liked it. The information on is for informational and educational purposes only. Configure for activities like fishing, hunting and exploring. Dyskinesia, gait freezing or instability and other Parkinson's related symptoms. Ultimate stability during your outdoor activities. She often expresses how lucky she feels to be able to do what she loves from a setting that looks like a postcard. Please talk to a doctor or other healthcare professional before making any changes to your exercise, diet, or daily routine. So, if a senior gets tired and needs to rest, you can quickly convert their rollator walker into a transport chair. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you can think of and to address any concerns. For your comfort, the footrests on the wheelchair lift up and down . Combination Walker Transport Chairs are a Great Way to Go From Using two Mobility devices to One! Your safety depends upon knowing how to use your device properly and making sure it is adjusted to accommodate you as well. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Generally, the devices are used when canes or crutches don't offer enough support. have to be careful on inclines and bumps (go backwards), not the same as a wheelchair - it's good for short distances, ergonomic hand brake aids in safety and comfort, need to be careful on inclines and bumps (go backwards), accessories (like cup holder) are not included, some shoppers don't need a device that supports 300 lbs. The rugged lightweight design is ideal for hunting, fishing, or hiking or walking. lot of help. When you have the energy or strength to walk independently us the Combo as a Rollator. They start out as standard 4 wheel rollators, but flip back the backrest, flip down the footrests and voila! (406) 388-1248 (250) 324-1285. A rollator has three or four large wheels and a frame and is a step above a regular wheeled-walker. Brookefield Hunter, INC.40 Buckskin Rd.Belgrade, MT 59714, Walk'n'Chair Model: L-3Patent Number: 5,605,345Patent Number: 8,543,683, Brookefield Hunter, LTD9747 Willow St.Chemainus, BCVOR 1KO Canada, © Copyright © Copyright 2020 by Many who have trouble walking begin an outing using a walker-type device and switch to the wheelchair when they begin to tire. It's nice to have options. Weighing only 35 lbs. Cheryl Jerabek lives in a tiny remote town in Southwestern Colorado. I've taken it to the beach and looked at the tide pools. Your walker is now a transport wheelchair. Airgo Fusion F23 Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair by Hugo 700-932. Read what customers are saying about walk'n'chair, the walker wheelchair combo outdoor activity extender. This type of product is especially useful for those who find it difficult or impossible to walk long distances, but want to remain active and autonomous whenever possible. How do I learn to use a combination mobility device? Standard wheeled chairs are usually used when getting around with minimal help (like canes) is no longer safe.


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