My next hub will cover how to deal with these equally obnoxious pests! After reading your article I’m now educated on these horrible bugs and how to eliminate them from my home. ), Absolutely! Did you manage to get rid of them finally? Pantry moths, also called Indian Meal Moths, are pretty easy to identify. Here are the details of the above answer: Pantry moths indeed eat baking soda. Good luck. The casemaking moth is a bit darker in appearance (not as dark as pantry moths, however) and has faint spots on its wings. I dread walking in the door. These are probably clothes moths and might indicate that you have a clothes moth infestation somewhere else in your house. Then, we started “inspections” and as they hatched we killed them manually with fly swatter and our hands. A guitar for gods sake!!!! I know eggs usually hatch within 7 days but if I’m not finding any bugs anywhere should I assume I’ve managed to quell the problem? I’ve used DE. The idea that you buy something, don’t use it, and then have to throw it away is reprehensible to them. I ran into her room thinking she'd chopped off her finger or something. The list goes on. It was really an entire pantry moth ecosystem inside this jar, from worms to moths to eggs galore. All of the shelves have been thoroughly scrubbed down there  as well. And we have found some cocoons in the garage and our breezeway. Perhaps one should do a super clean over a 2 week period and keep windows and doors closed and then only use traps in cupboards if absolutely still evident and see if they go away. If there is even the slightest gap in that container, it's enough for the moths to get in. A week later when I opened the air vent there were very few moths on the trap. We found a lot of eggs in the tiny holes that you can put shelf pegs in. Immediately, I went through everything in the cabinet and tossed it in the trash. For the love of god!!!! This will often be crevices in your kitchen you don’t normally see or maybe even where the ceiling meets the wall. After the exterminator sprayed I saw a few dead moths but that was all. Also, I’ve found that only Tupperware and the ‘better’ (red lids?) They are starting to fly around and not going in my new traps. DE sounds a great idea. I’ve been here about a month and am still finding adults flying around. Pantry Moths that are at the Larva stage (worm stage) trying to eat what they can in your pantry such as pasta, cereals, flours, grains, bread, spices and other dried, processed foods. Hope I needed to read this, mine were in bird seed too:( unfortunately my garage is attached:(. Store as much as you can in the fridge and freezer. The larvae/worms look a bit like small caterpillars are a whitish-yellowish color with little black heads and about 2/3-inch (1 cm) long. That’s what I call a nice car home! Because I was gone around 6 months I was able to see distinct patterns to their behavior. We are now vacuuming them individually and will place moth traps as well. I have started putting my cereal and goldfish, things like that in air tight containers. But still they creep me out! OMG do you know if these wasp eggs are available in Australia?? Webbing moths are fairly uniform in color and have a whitish-golden appearance. Thanks! A question I do have is: How long before I can put my stuff back into the cupboards? Do Silverfish Eat Money? It is now 3 months later and we are pretty close to moth free. In April I was cleaning out my China cabinet as I had seen moth activity around it. I know, been fighting these for 2.5 years and going out of my mind. The issue with grain free cat food though, is that it isn’t a big seller.. oh my,i am just gonna puke thinking i have to go back in their and my little chillie i just dont no what to do… Should i check the closet in their for trace of them or the top of book shelve? I didn't get rid of it for years- which is why I don't believe the freezer will kill them at any stage (after all, my infestation lasted through several winters!) They seem to find birdseed especially tempting. I see moths in my bathroom which look very similar to pantry moths, but I do not think they are the same. by Tiffany | Aug 22, 2011 | Food, Homesteading Life | 353 comments. My story: I honestly don’t know what to do anymore to solve this problem. Is there any particular area where you see them most often? Should I remove my hanging cloths from the closet the litter is in, they are pushed way over but….?? The red square is the pheromone lure, the rest of the tent has sticky paper on it to catch and kill them. I have traps out all over now but still see so many flying around in every room, kitchen, bedroom, living room. (FYI, I had kept traps down there from June 2012, when I brought some perfume boxes home from my work storage unit and a moth had flown out…didn’t know much difference in types of moths, so just bought whatever I had seen at hardware store, periodically checked them, nothing in these old traps until May 2015!!)….. Here's the clincher... we started noticing moths flying around our kitchen pantry. I’m nearly to that point. I cleaned all of this out and sprayed the cabinets again. Then I looked on line to try and find out if I was going to die! Dawn & vinegar kills the eggs. The only really good way to get rid of these evil creatures is to go on a massive cleaning mission. The wasps are basically microscopic and don’t harm humans or pets. Truly saved my.sanity. I had a bad feeling this time. Sadly, it may be that your neighbors are the original source…but with a connected home and open crawl spaces, these bugs are unfortunately very resourceful. Mine are also in mat attic and I can’t find the source. I first noticed them in my cupboard where i store my crackers chips and chocolate. usually have a lifespan at the adult stage of 1-2 weeks. Really??? For the people who have been suffering from moth infestations for months or years, I think this is a very smart move. I must have thrown out $200 worth in this process. Required fields are marked *. someone please help should i call pest control they are so expensive and all they do is spray a little here and a little there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I have 3 dogs and a cat as well. How to keep your money safe. I just paid my housekeeper to totally clean out the entire pantry. I managed to find a few dead ones in several places that had nothing to do with food at all (like between two flaps of cardboard in some boxed up espresso cups I rarely use) and trashed a few things that looked questionable before we even left. Clean your kitchen from top to bottom, making sure to wipe up any spilled flour or crumbs on your pantry shelves. There is a ton of good advice within the comments, so be sure to read them all! Moved into an apartment that was vacant and found 4 Indian mealmoths on the wall of my bedroomthe day I moved in. I started putting his hay into a container to fit all the bags i had for him, maybe 5 or 6 different kinds different sizes and then some of his nut and fruit salads had hay in the mix as well so i had got them and put in zip locks thinking this would be ok. Well, let me tell you i was horribly mistaken about 6 days ago i went into mr. chillie and their was WORMS,CATERPILLAR like things on my ceiling! I discovered these pantry months today. These wasps sound like the way to go. I quickly searched up what these little worms were and tried to follow the steps as best I could to flush them out. I tend to stay away from mixes and like to make my own, but we had a box that was sent in a care package from the US, so I though Mack would enjoy them. Awhile back I did have a bag of flour with webbing in it and I threw in the garbage, maybe my mistake. Bury them, squish them, drown them, take them out to the curb…just get these pests away from your home and their food sources. Where do pantry moths come from? I found the moths and worms in my dogs treat bowl (open bowl) and also crawling in, on and behind the cushions of the couch right behind it. It was truly a nightmare, but we think we finally have them beat. She pointed up to the top of the wall where a worm was happily resting.


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